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Canadian Mafia War Casualties 2005-2020 (updated 9/18/20)

2020.09.18 19:10 slumpadoochous Canadian Mafia War Casualties 2005-2020 (updated 9/18/20)

Summary of murdered and missing people connected to the MTL Mafia war. I separated them into two groups, Rizzuto Allies and Enemies. Bolded names are those whose allegiances I'm unsure of. If anyone can give me a hand rearranging the list, pointing out mistakes or missing names, that'd be awesome. Also couldn't find decent articles for some. Considering adding a third section for people who don't necessarily fit under the first two. EX) Paolo Gervasi was whacked by the Rizzutos over a disagreement, but I'm not sure if one could technically count this as a part of the war as it sort of seems like a "business as usual" killing. It did motivate guys like De Vito and Facchina to assist Desjardins when the war did break out, though.
added a changelog to the bottom.
Rizzuto/Allies Casualties:
Rizzuto Enemies:
Total: 59
Change Log:
Moves & Removals:
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2020.07.30 03:09 Eki75 Details of the five police visits before the bodies were discovered

Details of the five police visits before the bodies were discovered
55 boulevard Robert-Schuman

A disturbing disappearance

Nantes, boulevard Schuman, Wednesday April 13, 2011, eight days earlier. The shutters on 55 have been closed for several days. To the right of the front door, in an empty space framed by two hooks that supported a mailbox, a piece of white paper is fixed to the wall with an orange-colored tape. A typed message: “Return all mail to senders. Thank you.” Local residents have already noted these two abnormalities. Accustomed to walking past a house with shutters always open, this message intended for the postman seems very strange to them.
Located north of Nantes, this bourgeois house is adjoined with numbers 57 on its right and 53 on its left by three of its sides: facade, walls, and garden. It is in the heart of the residential district of Breil-Barberie, a rather lively area with many passing people day and night. Along Boulevard Schuman, imposing gates conceal beautiful wooded properties. In this spring of 2011, many small local shops are open – a hair salon, a sewing store, a bar where locals bet on horse races - there is a certain sweetness of life here.
At night, the scene changes under the very windows of 55: prostitutes, essentially of African origin, roam the sidewalks, looking for customers. Sometimes, this nocturnal “animation” degenerates into uproar.
On the neighboring Boulevard des Américains, Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès’ car, a Golf convertible, attracts the attention of a neighbor. The vehicle has not moved for several days, which is unusual. She testified to French radio station, RTL: “The house was closed and there was this inscription on the mailbox, ‘return to senders,’ which had intrigued me. [...] I always hoped that this house would reopen, but that didn’t happen. On Wednesday [the 13th], the postman came by, and I said to him, ‘It’s not worth putting mail at the neighbors at 55. The mailbox is closed.’ He said to me, ‘Really? I’m not surprised. They haven’t paid the recommandés (a special tax which guarantees mail delivery) for a while.’ It bothered me. I had a really bad feeling deep inside... I didn’t know why, but it made me anxious. I called the police.”

Agnès de Ligonnès abandoned car
This April 13, surprising information circulates in the neighborhood and fuels conversations. Persistent rumors come back from La Perverie-Sacré-Coeur, Anne and Benoît Dupont de Ligonnès’ school located on rue de la Perverie, a little east of boulevard Schuman. Since April 4, no one at the middle school or high school had seen them. Teachers and classmates are worried about them. One of them, who had loaned his iPod to Benoît, tried to reach him by phone in order to get it back, but there was no answer. Other friends passed in front of 55 only to find the door is closed.
As for the Blanche-de-Castille Catholic school complex where Agnès works, the news is hardly more reassuring: the family has apparently left in a hurry... for Australia.

A letter of departure for the United States

Four days earlier, Saturday, April 9, a member of Agnès’ family called the police to alert them to the receipt of a very peculiar and rather alarming letter. Suffice to say the interlocutor is not taken seriously by the police station.
This person, however trustworthy, reiterates his concern the following Monday, April 11 with the Nantes magistrates. The reaction in the prosecutor’s office at TGI (Tribunal de Grande Instance) of Nantes is extremely cautious. The family member is told that the Dupont de Ligonnès couple is of age, so there is no reason to worry so much.
The content of this letter, authored by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, is far from commonplace:
Nantes, April 8. Hi everyone! Mega surprise: we left for the USA in an emergency, under very special conditions. It will no longer be possible for us to communicate with you otherwise (no emails, SMS, or telephone) for a few years due to security reasons.
He said he was an American spy recruited by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and infiltrated the world of French nightclubs to recover information on drug trafficking and money laundering. And continues:
With the information I have collected for seven years, I have become an essential witness in a future trial involving senior officials in the international drug trade.
According to him, this risky mission had become complicated:
For some time, there were indications that I had been spotted... The situation therefore became dangerous for us here and necessitated taking emergency measures.
He then details “the federal witness protection program, from which he and his family benefit since they are already on American soil, transferred under a new identity, which must obviously remain secret,” and insists:
The official version is that we were transferred to Australia for professional reasons without further details. It would be good to circulate this false information on Facebook and other networks. [...] They tell us that it will be possible, in a certain time, to send you information by mail: we have chosen Emmanuel [Xavier’s best friend, Ed.] as the centralizer because he has the advantage of knowing just about everyone. He will receive the letters to communicate to you. He will receive instructions in due course.
“The house key is hidden outside in the EDF counter, which opens with anything (car key, screwdriver, knife),” adds Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, alias XDDL, to allow his relatives to carry out the tasks he entrusts to them. The father of the family indeed gives instructions to everyone: sell certain furniture and cars, organize the inventory of fixtures before May 31… These are all elements that are not carefully examined by the investigators at that time.
The main message, though it is extraordinarily bizarre, is pretty clear: the father of the family says he is a spy in danger. Thanks to the American government, he was able to shelter his family in the United States. The letter ends thus:
We will have so much to tell you later! The hard part will be getting used to our new names!

The \"Letter to Nine\" sent by XDDL
By Wednesday, April 13, the police are already aware of this letter. They met with the director of La Perverie in the morning, who informed them of the letter they received that announced a departure after an emergency transfer to Australia - the “official version therefore.”
The manager of the Pizza Tempo pizzeria, a few meters from the family home, indicates that he too received a handwritten letter dated April 4, signed by Arthur, the eldest son and a casual employee in his business. In his letter, the young man says he can no longer “continue to perform his duties.” He “submits his resignation and renounces all compensation and any salary… following the transfer of his father to Australia.” This must be the reason why Arthur did not come to collect his pay as he usually did every month.
The announcement of this sudden departure on the other side of the world leaves the manager perplexed. This feeling is widely shared by the professional and personal entourage of the family.
This accumulation of testimony prompted investigators to search the unoccupied house at 55 boulevard Schuman for the first time. The visit takes place that day at 2:45 p.m. Brigadier-in-Chief, Michel M., notes that the shutters are closed. He calls on the fire brigade to enter the house. The residence is well ventilated. The electricity is still working. The accommodation is still furnished. Upstairs, the presence of suitcases suggests a hasty departure. Nothing else to report.
A second police visit is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 15, 2011. Brigadier-in-Chief Michel B. arrives at the entrance to 55. He contacts one of the neighbors, Dr. Alain P., and asks to pass through his adjoining garden in order to reach that of the Dupont de Ligonnès by means of a ladder. From the back of the house, the policeman walks on the yard, crosses it, access the terrace, and then enters the kitchen.
On a buffet, they find medical equipment, car keys, and registration cards. The latter correspond to those of a Citroën Xantia and a Golf. The policeman also comes across a hand-scribbled note:
Sorry, we didn’t have time to bring the bags of shoes to the Red Cross. It’s not far. Just put them next to the garment containers. See attached map.

The state of the home seemed to support the story of a speedy departure.
There is also a Finaref bank document and underneath a key a post-it that reads: “Keys to the cellar.” The investigator seizes the key and goes down to visit this place under the terrace. During this second visit, like the previous one, nothing seemed abnormal.
The investigation continues, and it will see a clear evolution in the following hours. Around 5 p.m., the Nantes public prosecutor’s office asked the police to investigate the Family Allowance Fund and wished to know the geolocation of the Dupont de Ligonnès couple’s mobile phones. Also, the two names of Xavier and Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès are entered in the National Register of wanted persons.
At the same time, a Nantes police officer takes his phone and calls the two cellphones belonging to Agnès and Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Each time, the investigator finds the calls go straight to voicemail without ringing. On the two lines, the policeman leaves a message with his name, his rank, his contact details, as well as the reason for his call, requesting to be contacted as soon as possible.
Shortly before 6 p.m., the investigators are once again informed of the “American track” by a couple of Nantes friends, Raymond and Nathalie K., who are also recipients of the “confidential” letter written by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Mrs. K. takes the initiative to call the police. She understands that her friends have gone abroad and wants to reassure the police... who do not need any additional information, they already know the exact content of this letter.
On Saturday, April 16, 2011, at 10:30 a.m., Nathalie K. was nevertheless summoned and heard by the police. She explains, this time orally, that she received this letter on April 9. Then she revealed being a friend of the Dupont de Ligonnès family. She has not seen Agnès since March 29. A detail: her son Philippe, also a friend of Thomas Dupont de Ligonnès, chatted last Sunday (April 10) on the porch of 55 with a friend of XDDL named Emmanuel. She describes the man as also upset by the sudden departure of the whole family from abroad.
At the end of this interview, the police proceed in sequence: they first meet one of Xavier’s sisters, Christine Dupont de Ligonnès, as well as his mother, Geneviève, who share an apartment in Versailles. They ask for confirmation that this letter has been received. After a period of so-called “emotional” wait time, they respond in the affirmative. This letter is also accompanied by a personalized note signed by Xavier.
The police then call the other sister of XDDL: Véronique. She is in the Republic of Congo, where she lives part of the year. She does not believe in the contents of this mailing at all, but she does not show concern.
Among the other recipients of the letter is a key person, whom the investigators summon to their office: Emmanuel T., appointed by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès himself as the “centralizer.”
The interview is directed by Anne-Sophie R., the same policewoman who will be the impetus for the discovery of the bodies on April 21. The testimony of the missing father’s best friend is rich in new information. He explains that he discovered this famous mail in the mailbox of his Nantes home, placed in an unstamped envelope, on Saturday, April 9 around noon. “Yes, I believed this letter… or more precisely, in hindsight, wanted to believe it,” admits Emmanuel.
This missive is also accompanied by two small personalized notes signed Xavier. On the first, we read affectionate words... and precise instructions:
My old friend, we are going to spend time (for the first time in 37 years) a few years without seeing each other or calling or writing back and forth: it’s going to be weird! Will have to get used to it! I’ll let you take care of a small “administrative” part, once Cédric has done the “manual” part. Everyone has their own domain! LOL. There may be no deposit to recover because the rent for April will surely not be taken. We have withdrawn the max on Agnès’ account before leaving. As for the files in progress (debts that you know about, no more worries. Everything will fall into the water…) LOL Stay there until I come back. I need you. I was not in Savoy this week, but in Paris with the Americans. I came home at night, and we only had one day to pack up and start emptying the house! Hot! Warn Ben that we will not come to make the baptism of shooting planned on the 9. I kiss you very hard. Xav.
Then a second note:
Emmanuel, here are the different files. […] Thank you for taking care of all of this [the termination of various subscriptions and the return of medical equipment used by Agnès for sleep apnea, Ed]. When Cédric and his friends have emptied the house, could you find a cleaning lady? I have left 50 euros in an envelope to pay for it. It is not a matter of cleaning thoroughly but of vacuuming each room.
Emmanuel T. goes immediately to 55 on Saturday, April 9, and notes that the sets of keys to the house are not yet deposited in the hiding place indicated by Xavier in his letter. In the utility meter box, a new handwritten note mentions that the keys will be placed there overnight.
On Sunday, April 10 at 5 p.m., Emmanuel T. returns to the scene. The keys to the house are there. They are accompanied by another note, this time type-written: “Some keys do not work well. You have to wiggle them to open the door. Always leave a set of keys in the hiding place so that others can enter.” He meets Nathalie K.’s son, Philippe, in front of the house, and they chat for a few seconds.
Emmanuel then explains to the police: “I entered the house, but I was afraid of a family drama. His DEA story seemed unimaginable to me. I inspected the house. I didn’t see any damage.” Then he adds: “I returned on Monday, April 11 with Cédric M. I had just got the note that Xavier sent me, asking me to get a housekeeper and ensure the inventory of fixtures. […] I had a house key. I had other keys to my home that I did not want to leave in the EDF meter.”
Sunday, April 17, 2011. Investigators spread their investigations in all directions. Thus, a decision was made to contact the Urssaf (the French distribution system for Social Security benefits); the medical community was also contacted on this day to find out if members of the family could have been the subject of any psychiatric consultations. In another arm of the investigation, two requisitions are ordered from a telephone company to list all the terminals activated by the mobile phones of Xavier and Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès since April 1.
Monday, April 18. The news of the family’s disappearance begins to spread in the city of Nantes, even if the news of the day is more marked by a completely different matter: the arrests of a sect of Saint-Brévin guru and his partner, indicted for rape and sexual assault during a meeting with two of their disciples.
Local journalists are starting to take a closer look at the Dupont de Ligonnès family. They are conducting the very first neighborhood interviews. Meanwhile, the police have been investigating all of the family’s financial movements since April 3, questioning each of the banking establishments where the accounts are open.

A gun in inheritance

At noon, Mathieu Fohlen, deputy public prosecutor, orders the Nantes judicial police to carry out a new visit to 55. They are charged with retrieving photographs of the family members and, above all, a gun! Investigators know now that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has a weapon. It is a Unique brand 22 semi-automatic long rifle, which he inherited from his father, who died less than three months previously on January 20, 2011.
This third search lasts an hour and a quarter, between 4:30 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. very precisely. It takes place with the same neighbor doctor as a witness. But, this time, the investigators do not need to call the firemen to enter the house: Emmanuel T., Xavier’s friend, gave them a set of keys.
Two policewomen, Nathalie P. and Anne-Sophie R., carry out meticulous inspection work. Each detail could be crucial. Everything is documented and video-recorded with precision: garbage bags full of shoes, an empty fridge, the presence of a few jars of jam, a tidy dishwasher… On the kitchen floor, they note the presence of a still damp mop and a bottle of cleansing agent placed on the table next to the cellar key. They notice that a map of France is taped to a wall. Cities are circled with felt-tip pen: La Rochelle, Nice, Tarbes, Pau, Auxerre, Aix, Perpignan.

A bottle of Ajax, three-quarters full, is noted on the kitchen counter.
In the living room, an intact chess set sits on a trunk acting as a table. On the sofas, three guitars are stored in their cases. Empty photo frames are scattered on the ground.
The two women go up to the second floor. In the master bedroom, two single beds devoid of sheets are pushed together. A collection of music occupies a large part of the room. In the other bedrooms, the mattresses are also bare - no more sheets or quilts. They notice the presence of a brownish spot on the mattress of one of the children’s beds.
The inspectors backtrack and return to a detail already noted in the kitchen. They state: “The mop is wet with cleanser.”
A mop that is still damp is noted in the kitchen during the third search of the house
They then head out onto the terrace and descend into the yard. “The ground is dirt. Let’s go back to the terrace where we have to bend in half to access the cellar where boxes are stored.” These twenty boxes are filled with bundles of “Crystal” scratch tickets from Xavier’s business.
This third visit does not fulfill its objective: we still have no news of the missing family, and the police have found neither photos nor weapons.
Tuesday April 19, 2011. A new interview of Emmanuel T., around is scheduled for 11 a.m. The latter came to return the last 55 key that he had in his possession- he handed over two more the previous weekend. Cédric M. also has two. A total of five keys will therefore be entered into evidence.
Then, in answering the investigators’ questions, Emmanuel T. made a disturbing revelation: “During our visit to Xavier’s, Monday, April 11 between 4 and 4:30 p.m., Cédric and I went out in the yard. I took a half-opened bottle of Frontignan from the fridge and poured a glass of it, which I left on the terrace table. Cédric told me that he had forgotten his cigarettes.” What an amazing vision of two friends smoking and drinking only a few meters above the two graves where the bodies will be discovered!
Also on April 19, the police gathered elements relating to the family’s heritage. Research is being done to find out if Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has a boat location along the Erdre River in Nantes. Information is taken from the harbor office of Nantes Métropole. The police have, for the first time, access to the list of the family’s bank accounts, which has just been sent to them. Xavier, personally or professionally, and Agnès have opened numerous accounts in several establishments. And they’re all in the red right now…
The two Labradors of the Dupont de Ligonnès family did not escape the investigators either. Research is being carried out to find out whether the Humane Society has recently taken charge of two new dogs. But they come to nothing: no trace of Jules and Léon, even in the smallest kennel of the Nantes region.

The trigger

Wednesday, April 20, 2011. The family has been actively sought for a week now, and the Nantes press is putting pressure on the floor of the TGI of Nantes. To respond to journalists’ requests, Xavier Ronsin, prosecutor, decides to schedule a press conference at the courthouse for 10:30 a.m. the next day.
But what will the he be able to say in concrete terms? Can he make public the various letters received and present the proposed scenarios, including that of a spy of French nationality working on behalf the US government in the context of international drug trafficking exfiltrated by the United States to a federal witness protection program? One can imagine how perplexing this must have been for the prosecutor. Within the TGI, we understand that it is especially important to highlight the investigation, mainly within the house.
Thus, a fourth home visit is made. This time, it takes place at 10 a.m. in the presence of a magistrate, Mathieu Fohlen. He is accompanied by some investigators from the PJ, including Anne-Sophie R., who has already entered the home twice. Despite the precise description made two days earlier on April 18, they decided to start again from scratch.
What did the magistrate and the police note on April 20? “The general appearance of the house gives the impression of a hasty departure.” They discover a Fichet brand safe key. Several objects and documents are placed under seal, including papers linked to other telephone subscriptions.
In the dishwasher, there are six large and three small plates, cups, and bowls. Everything is clean. The presence of a three-quarter full bottle of a yellow Ajax brand cleanser is noted in the kitchen as is a red cleaning bucket on the ground containing flexible broom that is still wet.
On the refrigerator, there is a telephone number scribbled of someone named D., located in Spain. On the table is a big, old-looking key to the cellar.
The decision was made to sweep the kitchen with Crimescope and Bluestar. These two products are often used in criminal cases to detect traces of blood. The Crimescope is a powerful projector capable of producing very pure lights of varying colors. It is used in grazing white light to look for fibers or hair or, in blue light projected perpendicular on the ground, for traces of DNA (blood, sperm, saliva...).
Bluestar, on the other hand, reveals traces of blood that has been washed, erased, or invisible to the naked eye, but it does not alter the DNA of the blood revealed. The Bluestar reacts positively on the entire tiled kitchen floor, on the broom, and inside the bucket. For the investigators, this reaction should be taken with caution because the Bluestar occasionally gives a false positive.
On a light wooden chair and on a table leg, ten brownish stains, which appear to have been wiped off and could be blood, are also noted. They have an average diameter of half a centimeter.
On a mattress, in one of the bedrooms, a very old blood stain, dry and odorless, is also noted – probably from a nosebleed.
Room after room, the police collect as much information as possible: toothbrushes and razors from the bathroom are placed under seal along with a glass found on a dresser in a bedroom.
Investigators are now able to identify the names of the occupants of the five bedrooms. On the first floor, the bedroom opposite the narrow staircase is that of Arthur; the one on the right, next to the bathroom, is occupied by Anne. On the second floor, the room opposite the staircase is attributed to Thomas; the one on the right, to Benoît. The last is the parents’ bedroom.
The investigators ended their search by searching one of the couple’s cars, which was parked nearby. In the glove compartment, they find the trace of an old bank document concerning Arthur, but this paper does not present anything of interest.
On the other hand, the attention of the investigators focuses on the father’s professional life. They learn that he manages a company, SelRef, based in Pornic, a coastal town 30 miles from Nantes. On site, they go to the obvious: the company appears to be no more than a post office box, and yet Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, they discover, has not set foot at this address since 2003 or 2004. As for the company’s mail, it has been redirected to 55 boulevard Schuman.
Interviews of relatives are also scheduled, including that of Raymond K., the husband of Nathalie K., already heard on April 16. But nothing particularly important emerges from this mid-afternoon interview.
A few minutes later, at around 4:40 p.m., however, significant information reached the police: the requested report of bank transactions pointed to purchases and expenses made by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès over the past few days. This information from the banks delivers vital clues: one of the bank cards was used recently to purchase trash bags, adhesive tape, quick cement, and lime. These purchases were made in multiple stores in the suburbs of Nantes. In addition, a card was used to pay a hotel bill in Vaucluse on April 13, and a cash withdrawal of 30 euros was made in the Var, on April 14.
On April 20, the Nantes prosecutor announces the opening of an investigation for a “disturbing disappearance.” Then, a new home visit is scheduled for the 21st. These purchases are disturbing, especially that of lime. It is this last element that will trigger excavations under the terrace because the police know that quicklime is often used for the burial of corpses…

Beginning of criminal investigation

Nantes police station, Thursday April 21, 11:50 a.m.
At the very moment when the forensics team in white coats are busy digging up the first body - and avoiding the contamination of the “frozen” - their colleagues from the judicial branch continue their investigations. Since 10:30 a.m., they are no longer working on a disappearance, but on a crime.
All the steps are taken precisely and methodically.
They immediately interviewed Cédric M., a friend of Xavier’s, a recipient of one of the seven letters sent to relatives, and who entered inside the house ten days earlier with Emmanuel. A garage owner in Morbihan, Cédric very simply recounts what he did on April 11 around 4 p.m. He made the complete tour of Xavier’s house while Emmanuel did not want to go upstairs. He did indeed forget a pack of cigarettes on a table and confirms that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès had asked him to empty the house.
Then Cédric M., quite spontaneously, threw to the investigators that upon arriving to the station, he heard on Radio France and on RTL that bones had been found in the garden. For him, it is just sensationalist media: “People eat up this crap! They must have been bones that the dogs buried...”
Even if research is now launched all over the region, the Nantes police are concentrating on interviewing “key witnesses.” They want to collect as many pieces of the criminal puzzle as they can. All bank traces received the day before are carefully analyzed. Agnès’ account cards also: a purchase on April 5 at 8 p.m. at a Carrefour Market route de Vannes; a withdrawal of 300 euros on April 7at 4:24 p.m., and a card payment in the amount of 166 euros on April 12 at 6:44 p.m. at the Auberge de Cassagne in Pontet in the Vaucluse.
These scattered elements arrive en masse at the Nantes police station shortly before noon on April 21, just as the extraction of the first body is taking place under the terrace of 55.
Emmanuel T., the best friend of the father who cannot be found, is interviewed a third time. This 51-year-old Dunkerquois without a professional occupation worked until 2009 as a sales manager in industrial cuisine with the Great West company. He knew Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès since the age of 13 or 14 in 1974. With Xavier and another mutual friend, Michel R., who lives near Montpellier, they left for the United States together in the 1980s.
Emmanuel T. insisted on the United States, and in particular on Florida, a state that attracted Xavier enormously. Then, answering the questions, he recalls without going into much detail the extramarital affairs that his friend had confided to him. He reveals that Xavier had affairs with two women named Catherine, one living in Ile-de-France, the other in Savoy.
Then, he confirms that Xavier had just received a letter from the court and asked if it was possible to redirect his mail to Emmanuel’s home, which he agreed to. During the discussion with the investigators, Emmanuel T., whom we imagine is disturbed by this new interview, remembers: “Xavier told me without joking that with the financial difficulties he encountered he could envision “taking the whole family into a definitive solution.”
Emmanuel knows his friend’s financial difficulties. He knows that Xavier owes a lot of money and is unable to repay. Emmanuel says he has already loaned him between 5,000 and 6,000 euros himself. Then, he adds this last disturbing element: just like Michel R., their mutual friend, he received an email with the photo of the Statue of Liberty in the United States with no other indication than this one: “We permanently cease all communication.”
Friday April 22, 2011. Who better than his best friends to know Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès? On this day of the autopsy of the bodies, around 11 a.m., the investigators received a call from Michel R., another one of the recipients of Xavier’s letter referring to his departure for the United States.
Michel R. is not just a simple collaborator of Xavier within La Route des Commercieaux, one of his activities; he is a close friend with whom the wanted father shared many good times. They have known each other for over thirty years.
Michel R. spontaneously explains to the investigators that he spoke with his friend, Xavier, on April 7. He also sent photos on the 5th, dating from a trip they had made together in the United States in the 1980s. He indicated that like Emmanuel T., he had recently received via the Internet a photo of the Statue of Liberty accompanied by this note: “We are definitively ceasing all communication.” Then Michel R. in turn confirms that his friend Xavier is a highly intelligent man. Thus, he considers that during his descent into the South, his friend must have voluntarily used the bank card to locate him, while he had taken care to no longer use the Internet, his cell phone, nor those of his family.
The police know that Michel R. and Emmanuel T. have spoken on the phone many times since they received Xavier’s letter of departure.
Armed with this information, Emmanuel T. was heard again at the beginning of the afternoon. The objective of the investigators is to deepen certain points, in particular on a weapon in Xavier’s possession.
They get the confirmation. “Yes, he inherited from his father a 22 long rifle. Xavier used this weapon to shoot target-practice at a balloon in his back yard. In order to avoid making noise and not to annoy the neighbors, Xavier had purchased a silencer.” The investigation confirms this: Xavier was shooting at the Jonelière stand in Nantes with his best friend Emmanuel. “The last time I saw him was at the shooting range on April 1 around 6 to 6.30 p.m., and with Agnès, it was March 11 at the Nantes restaurant, La Belle Équipe.”
The police are convinced of this: Emmanuel T. knows a lot… They continue the investigation by organizing a search of his home. It takes place between noon and 2 p.m., rue Lavoisière. The neighbors did not fail to notice this police presence. The investigators go directly to the third floor and thoroughly search the F2 apartment where Emmanuel T. resides. They also opened his personal safe, which contained a small wad of bills, his shooting license, and personal papers. They learned that Emmanuel T. owns a 357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver. The police will leave with a laptop and a mini-pc under their arm, but also with a file seized from the trunk of his Renault Laguna. This file, forty-four sheets thick, belongs to one of Xavier’s “conquests.” “It was Xavier who asked me to keep this document, which I did,” explains Emmanuel, upset, thinking about his 30-year-old friendship with his mate, Xavier. “I can imagine everything: suicide, hit man…” In this file, confidential documents reveal the existence of a financial conflict between Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès and one of his mistresses.
On April 22, interviews are increasing in Nantes, but also throughout the region. Everyone wants to bring their piece to the puzzle taking shape around this complex matter. Elements, more or less verifiable, are provided on all subjects. Here are four examples, among the dozens of testimonies that have been collected:
  1. Frédéric L., Benoît’s godfather, spontaneously goes to the police station in Arles, where he resides, to explain that he did not see Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès for a long time and that Xavier has a lot of contacts in the United States.
  2. At 12 o’clock, a neighbor of the boulevard Schuman remembers that one night, between midnight and 2 a.m., he heard ten detonations at an extraordinarily regular rate. But this witness no longer remembers the precise date of these shots...
  3. At 3 p.m., a close relative of the family comes to Nanterre and supports two points hitherto unknown to the investigators: Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ mistress would be called Claudia, and XDDL would also be an alcoholic.
  4. At 4:45 p.m., a gunsmith from Nantes remember perfectly that two months early, the father of the family, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, called himself “sniper priest” (!), and explained that his family was in danger of death. He wanted to buy a handgun to defend himself from a big burly person that threatened him...
Anyway, the investigators will learn that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès bought a silencer for his 22 long rifle and on March 12, 2011 and ammunition in another armory located in the city center of Nantes.
The police send all this information and considerations, however surprising they may be, to the TGI of Nantes in charge of sorting them out.
On April 23, Xavier Ronsin again appeared before the press and declared “We can now speak of a methodical execution of Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès and her four children. Research has established that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès had recently inherited a rifle from his father. The pursuit of his investigation and his testimony are obviously essential to precisely determine the causes of these five deaths.”

Source1 Source2
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2020.04.18 11:02 hereiamtosavetheday_ Fanfic to Cacophony... and also, Academic JustNo-ism.

This is what its like inside my brain. Its pretty much the timeline of how my life has played out: first loves, exhausted, pointless spite, wry walks through carnival graveyards, wind rustling a path through crowded seasons of trees. Punctuation in leaps of faith, small motifs of joy, the continual tug and resistance of the time/space continuum. All of curiosity of a cat, the civility of a red-headed stranger, rendered out in aural form. What I'm saying is, I'm comfortable in this soundscape.
I went looking for an informative link on fairy tale societies and found this embarrassing academic admission, The characteristics assumed to be there to be measured and graphed weren't on show - best guess, and the author barely stops herself from confessing all: there's absolutely no new info in hn, but probably the boy monkeys aren't being excluded. Maybe. Who knows?!?
The abstract says, in layman's language: "We failed to come to any valid conclusions. But thanks for the paychecks." I suspect the interactions were subtle enough that the social signals weren't noticed. I like to plan my day around scents, who knows what barbery apes use as a measuring stick?
Just the description of this 'academic' paper is a Red Flag parade. Seriously, this is the sort of nonsense corporate money goes into when they point at their socially-acceptable science investigation. Even more with the Red Flagging: this sales pitch for a failed science-thing comes from an author with one, just one article to her name - Ursula.
I like that name. It's very Old World, which matches the old world monkeys theme. Sure, it's manipulative, but its also defensible. Less defensible is the fact Ursula doesn't have any letters after her name and yet it costs $39,95 to get this article in PDF form. Its clear that most of this paper borrows from a long reference list -- but its unlikely the student-type dupe out a quick $40 will find the social practices of a subtle old world monkey tribe illuminated by a couplet from 'The social organization and behaviour of the feral domestic fowl.'
Yeah, that's an academic Red Flag too. And the student who can read this Abstract with Critical Thought engaged will save $40 of money they borrowed and cannot pay back, ever, if they work the rest of their lives. So $40 not stolen from your pocket is $40 saved, and there's a library just up the street.
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2019.06.10 13:45 beary_good r/DCcomics 2019 Summer Reading Recommendations

Hey, folks of DCcomics, summer's here and whew, I hope everyone's inside away from the sweltering heat, enjoying some good comics. Or at a pool. If not, never fear! I've polled the moderator staff, and asked them each to pick out five books for the /DCcomics community! So here it is, a mix of old and new, popular classics and hidden gems, DC and non-DC, perfect for enjoying with a cold glass of iced tea or lemonade!

Essential DC Story for Every Bookshelf

AhhBisto - Batman: The Long Halloween, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
Not only is this one of the best Batman stories ever but it's a masterful use of the maxi series format, utilising each issue with precision while telling an engaging and thrilling story. This story inspired The Dark Knight movie in many ways and i'm sure it will inspire others down the line too. Make sure you follow up with Batman: Dark Victory!
beary_good - DC: The New Frontier, by Darwyn Cooke
If Alan Moore's Watchmen was a deconstruction of superhero fiction set against a real-world historical setting, Cooke's The New Frontier is the opposite: a reconstruction in which heroes prove their worth by rising above it all. Cooke's AU story tells the stories of iconic Silver Age heroes as they face the problems besetting America in the 1940s and 1950s, including war, racism, and xenophobia. This is a must-read especially for fans of Hal Jordan and Martian Manhunter.
bhavbhav - Young Justice, by Peter David and Todd Nauck
I'm going to go with all of Young Justice, by Peter David and Todd Nauck. This might be a strange pick to some people who believe that essential stories should centre around first-gen heroes or general A-listers, but I make this pick for a few different reasons:
  • Young Justice chronicled the beginnings of the Tim/ConnoBart group (gathering Cassie Sandsmark and others along the way), which ultimately comprised the original Teen Titans team in TT vol 3. In a butterfly-effect sense, we would not have the Young Justice show we do now without the original Young Justice series, despite the massive differences.
  • While Tim has largely stayed intact due to BatFam story armour, Bart/Impulse/Kid Flash, ConnoSuperboy and Cassie Sandsmark/Wondergirl have gotten lost in the sea of retcons/N52/Rebirth changes. Prior to the New 52, they were relatively meaningful characters, making their mark on the universe in their own ways. They were obviously extremely key characters in the Geoff Johns TT vol 3. run as well (loosely referenced above), which is considered to be one of the best Teen Titans runs in the history of the title. The versions of them that exist now are so far removed from their prior selves that I'd encourage newer readers to take a look at these series, just to see what the characters were like at a time when their actions and presences had larger impact.
  • Honestly, it is just a delightful series. There is so much humour and lightness, which can be a rarity among long-running DC titles. Unfortunately, a lot of this changed after the Young Justice/Teen Titans Graduation Day arc (that transitioned the group over to Teen Titans), but I have rarely read DC titles that are so silly, G-rated, and fun without being un-engaging.
Byzan-Teen - The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
One of the most classic, and easily the most iconic, teen titans storylines ever written. A great story of teamwork and betrayal, even if noticeably dated in some regards.
MajorParadox - Batman: Knightfall, by Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant
Great story of Batman pushed to the edge. After spending days without sleeping going after the worst of the Arkham Asylum escapees, Batman must face the monstrous Bane
MaskedPB - The Flash, by Mark Waid
Collected in issues 62-129, 142-159, and other annuals and what not. Waid's Flash brings forth the emergence of Wally West as THE flash. It's a fun run filled with memorable moments throughout. It's always nice to go back and appreciate all the love Wally got after a meaningful end to Barry's time with the name... especially considering what's going on with Wally nowadays.
Sartro - Batman: Year One, by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
Over 30 years later, Year One remains an essential Batman story. Miller gives us a gritty, noir Gotham City and introduces new readers to the characters and motivations of both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as they attempt to clean up the city in their own ways. Its exact place in current canon is unclear, but Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, and Tom King (to name a few) have all made reference to this story in their own Batman stories.
simplegodhead - Justice, by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross
Amazing art and a good overview for all the major JL members and their biggest villains.
starryromantics - Wonder Woman: The Lies, by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp
This story really showcases Diana and her ability to empower those who have suffered in the past. The artwork is gorgeous, the themes are both striking and relevant, and it serves as yet another reminder of the truly inspirational and timeless nature of the heroes we all love and care for.

Story Set in an Alternate Continuity

AhhBisto - The New 52: Futures End, by Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen
"Dude wtf, this is a terrible pick!" I know i know, Futures End has a bad reputation and often in parts it's well deserved, but as an alternative continuity story i think it does a great job and lets 4 of DC's best writers play with the toys without worrying about permanently damaging the paint. The story is interwoven to some extent with the Earth-2 series as well as the mega sleeper hit Convergence (HAIL TELOS) but it stands alone by showing us a very different version of the heroes we know and love. A future decimated by a techno-virus created by Brother Eye forces the Batman of the future Terry McGinnis to travel to the past in order to stop the rise of Brother Eye, but instead winds up in the wrong time period and ends up intertwined in a story that involves Earth-2 refugees, a retired Tim Drake and a potential invasion by Brainiac. The story is outright ridiculous but it's an alternative timeline so why not let loose and have fun with it? Plus we end up with Convergence so there's always a plus to be had.
beary_good - Green Lantern: Earth One, by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko
Now here's a fresh take on a familiar story: the origin of Hal Jordan the Green Lantern. Instead of being an eager hotshot test pilot, Jordan is an embittered deep space miner, looking for an escape from his troubled life on Earth. It begins as a hard sci-fi story about being alone in the cold, lifeless space, but doesn't shy away from the fun, ring-flinging action of Green Lantern. Expect a few familiar faces.
bhavbhav - Gotham by Gaslight, by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola
This is a relatively old story, but is the most well-known and classic of the Elseworlds ones. It is a one-shot, so it's hard to say much without spoiling it if you haven't read it, but if you like the idea of Batman plonked into a Victorian-era setting, this is for you.
Byzan-Teen - Supergirl: Wings, by J.M. DeMatteis and Jamie Tolagson
Swinging for an outlier call here with Supergirl: Wings (Collected in Elseworlds: Superman Vol. 2). When I read an Elseworld, I want something truly different. Something that feels like it could never happen in continuity, ever. So vastly removed in tone and narrative that it truly is its own world. Supergirl: Wings isn't a Supergirl story. It's not even a superhero story. It's a story about angels, love, damnation, and the nature of heaven and hell. A very enjoyable and unique read.
MajorParadox - Superman, Inc, by Steve Vance and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
A Kal-El never found by the Kents and traumatized by his powers at an early age, Dale "Superman" Suderman grows up just thinking he's a natural athlete. He ends up a huge sports sensation. Collected in Elseworlds: Superman, Vol. 1.
MaskedPB - Batman: Some of These Days, by Tom King, Lee Weeks, and Michael Lark
Probably the shortest elseworld collection but it’s still one i thought deserved being mentioned. It’s the ideal happily ever after many of us want for Bruce that we’ll never get. He got his chase. He got all of his family with him. Oh yeah… He got his cat too. Collected in Batman, Vol. 5: The Rules of Engagement.
Sartro - Planetary, by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday
Perhaps my favorite comic book, Planetary is a broad exploration of fiction, with countless references to everything from Sandman to Godzilla to James Bond to Tarzan. Join the Archaeologists of the Unknown as they excavate the secret history of the world and the mysteries of their own organization.
simplegodhead - The Multiversity, by Grant Morrison
Technically this is SEVERAL stories set in alternate continuities. It's an overview of DC's multiverse of alternate Earths including a Shazam earth, a not-Watchmen Earth, a 90's Earth and more. It features alternate stories tied together by an overarching plot and a multiversal enemy, the Gentry.
starryromantics - Nightwing: The New Order, by Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy
An alternate universe where superpowers are outlawed, the series deconstructs Dick Grayson and both his place in the superhero community, in addition to his role as a father. An interesting read with a strong emphasis on family and friendship, the series explores the effects of such a drastic law, with a fun twist.

Book to Showcase a Favorite Character

AhhBisto - All-Star Superman, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
This isn't a Superman story, this is the Superman story. Paying homage to Superman's mythology while retaining his sense of the wonderful and weird, Grant Morrison writes the quintessential Superman tale for the ages while artistic partner Frank Quitely masterfully sketches the absurd with such care and the level of thought and detail put into each panel is mind blowing.
beary_good - Grayson, by Tim Seeley, Tom King, and Mikel Janin
Seeley and King throw Nightwing into a 60s-style spy adventure, full of bombastic action sequences, larger-than-life assassins, and cat-and-mouse games. Not only does this series poke fun at its own genre trappings, but it also pits Grayson's empathy and unrelenting morality against the ruthless pragmatism of the spy world.
bhavbhav - The Flash: Rogue War, by Geoff Johns and Howard Porter
Y'all, just anything pre-New 52 with Wally in it. Like, all of Flash vol. 2. Come on, guys. You know me.
If I had to pick though, I'd pick Flash: Rogue War, by Geoff Johns. I know that this is a little bit of an odd pick given that I'm supposed to highlight one character, and Rogue War, well, focuses on the Rogues, but this arc is a fantastic snapshot of why I love Wally's run. It is life-sized in the way interactions and rapports between characters are developed. Those who love Wally know that his stories are engaging not only because he is so unmistakably human, but also because his stories would not be the same without the complex relationships he has with his family, his allies, and the Rogues. Collected in The Flash by Geoff Johns, Book 5.
Byzan-Teen - Batman: Anarky, by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle
Not the best Anarky story but the best collected, and the trade includes some fun bonus Anarky stories. Collects the 4-issue Anarky miniseries along with the classic stories "Anarky in Gotham City" (Detective Comics#608-609) "Anarky: Tomorrow Belongs To Us" (The Batman Chronicles #1) and "Anarky" (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #40-41)
MajorParadox - The Death of Superman, by Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, and Karl Kesel
When the world faces a threat tearing its way through the Justice League and rampaging across the US, Superman has to step in and give it everything to stop the beast. No hesitation, Superman does whatever he has to stop the destruction once and for all.
MaskedPB - Nightwing, by Tim Seeley
Seeley picks up where he and King left off in Grayson. Seeley Nightwing brings the character into his own while developing new relationships (Defacer) and revisiting others (Wally, Barbara, Damian).
Sartro - Batman: The Black Mirror, by Scott Snyder, Francesco Francavilla, and Jock
Collecting issues #671-681 of Detective Comics, The Black Mirror is the beginning of Scott Snyder's run on Batman and a story that showcases the Gordon family, as well as Dick Grayson's Batman.
simplegodhead - Green Lantern: Secret Origin, by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis
Hal Jordan is a favorite of mine and Secret Origin does a great job of refining Hal's origin story and showing how he went from a young hot shot pilot with a chip on his shoulder to the legendary Green Lantern and walking disaster Hal is today.
starryromantics - The New Teen Titans, by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
Despite the occasional outdated references and character actions, the New Teen Titans is a phenomenal series that develops and explores characters perfectly, alongside showcasing one of the most important themes of the (Teen) Titans franchise - family and connection. It's in this series where the character of Starfire was first introduced, and here her traits of strength, kindness and optimism, alongside her values of self love, confidence, standing up for what you believe in and body confidence truly shine. The messages and values she promote are still extremely relevant in today's climate.

Current or Recent Series

AhhBisto - Action Comics, by Brian Michael Bendis
A controversial figure to some but an undeniable legend of the medium, but even in his lowest moments he can write a damn good comic. Bendis' run on Action Comics is at the top end of the spectrum though, utilising the cityscape of Metropolis with The Daily Planet and figures of the city leading as the co-stars of this story, Bendis is telling a Superman story akin to stuff from the 90's when Metropolis felt more like a living entity and it feels like Superman's world is more involved.
beary_good - The Terrifics, Jeff Lemire and Gene Luen Yang
The not-so-subtle analogue to Marvel's Fantastic Four, The Terrifics is a fun, Silver Age-y romp through space, time, and the multiverse starring the comically serious Mister Terrific, the gruff Metamorpho, the mischievous but well-meaning Plastic Man, and the upbeat and naive Phantom Girl. Every story arc puts the dysfunctional surrogate family through sillier and more imaginative scenarios. Jeff Lemire wrote the first 14 issues, and Gene Yang just started his run with issue #15.
bhavbhav - Midnighter and Apollo, by Steve Orlando and Fernando Blanco
Also Doom Patrol by Gerard Way, since I never got to see what his writing chops are like.
Byzan-Teen - The Green Lantern, by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp
Easily the best Hal Jordan comic I've read since before GL Rebirth. Great if you enjoyed the idea of bringing back heroic Hal but had issues with Johns' run.
MajorParadox - Adventures of the Super Sons, by Peter J. Tomasi and Carlo Barberi
Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, the sons of two of the most iconic heroes, must take on an intergalactic threat: A gang of child "super-villain" impersonators from space want to take over the world.
MaskedPB - Dial H for Hero, by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones
This run has been nonstop fun so far. Humphries has brought a fresh, joyful run where i honestly wasn’t expecting much.
Sartro - Justice League Dark, by James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez
So far, this series has been very well-paced, juggling its sizeable and odd cast of characters as they stumble through dire situations. Not only does Martinez make the heroes and locations look stunning, he ups his game by introducing us to a motley mix of otherworldly horrors.
simplegodhead - Hawkman, by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch.
This offers a very simple but elegant solution to the Winged Warrior's continuity snarl that refines the character, still includes all his past lives and stories, and leaves a lot of possibility open for the future.
starryromantics - Justice League Odyssey, by Joshua Williamson and Dan Abnett
Interested in crazy space adventures involving Starfire, Jessica Cruz, Cyborg, Azrael and...Darkseid?! You've come to the right place!

Book by a DC Writer Published Outside DC

AhhBisto - Blackbird, by Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel
There are plenty of fantastic non-DC titles from DC writers but i picked Blackbird as it's a) a current on-going and b) is absolutely wonderful. Humphries has created a world that blends the best of magical lore from best selling fiction with his own spin and adds a dash of 21st century life with the backdrop of the hip and stylish world of Los Angeles, and who better to bring it to life but Jen Bartel? Wonderfully crisp pencils and colours that pop bring this magical world to life, while Humphries take on the damaged protagonist works wonderfully with a tale of heartbreak and mental health worries that a lot of people can appreciate in this day and age. If Humphries and Bartel continue with the upward trajectory, Image could have the next Saga success on their hands.
beary_good - Lazarus, by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark
Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you like stories set in a feudalist world with political backstabbing, characters with layers of complexity, and social outcasts struggling to survive in a world run by the noble elite? Check out Lazarus, which is all of the above (minus Season 8) set in a dystopian future. There's even trial by combat!
bhavbhav - The Vision, by Tom King and Gabriel Walta
Tom King tends to be a bit of an inconsistent writer in my books, but Vision is one of my favourite titles across all writers. It is a suspenseful and emotional read, the latter being especially true when applied to Vision, whose almost pitiful longing for a more human life is really highlighted. It is also a relatively quick read, so it is perfect for relaxing by the pool-side while you cry into your drink (from the story of course, not whatever may be going on in your personal life...).
Byzan-Teen - Avatar: The Last Airbender, by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru
The original Avatar: The Last Airbender comics by Gene Luen Yang, beginning with "The Promise", set directly after the end of the series. A great way for fans of the series to pass the time and still holds up.
MajorParadox - N/A
MaskedPB - Moon Knight, by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood
Lemire is arguably my favorite writer and this run pretty much cemented him into that conversation. Moon knight is a trip that keeps giving. This 14 issue run explores the inner workings of Moon Knight's mind and the art from Smallwood makes it all that much better.
Sartro - Injection, by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey
Another Warren Ellis recommendation. There are similarities between this and Planetary, however with Injection it is the main characters rather than the supporting cast who are analogues of fictional characters - particularly British ones such as Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. And if you've read Ellis' short run on Moon Knight, you know exactly what he, Shalvey, and colorist Jordie Bellaire are capable of putting together.
simplegodhead - Gideon Falls, by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino
A mysterious unholy black barn that seems to pop up at random in the history of a small town is connected to many secrets about the town's past and present. Intriguing mystery/horror by Lemire and brilliant art by Sorrentino.
starryromantics - Jessica Jones, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos
This series helps showcase both the importance of Jessica Jones but also the reasons why she's such a strong and entertaining character. From detective stories, dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D to personal relationship drama, this series combines all of these themes and more, with that added touch of Jessica Jones snark we all love.
So then, what would you recommend for a relaxing read indoors or by the pool?
And if you're looking to catch up on this summer's events, remember to check out our Year of the Villain FAQ!
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2018.04.24 04:46 thtwhit3kid LA Regionals 25th Place 60 Card Block Dragon Turbo

Hello yugioh! I came in 25th place at the Los Angeles regional on Sunday 04/15/2018 playing 60 Card Block Dragon. I would have posted this last week, but I just started working full-time at my job and I had multiple exams last week so things have been incredibly hectic. It was my first regional top ever, and it was really exciting. The deck was inspired by a profile on Farfa's channel from a while back where he played Earth Lightsworn. He talked about testing Block Dragon in the deck, and I decided to give it a go. Turns out during testing it was actually insane. Here's the decklist, and for those who want to hear more about the deck and my card choices I have a profile on my friends channel here:
Feel free to ask any questions down below and I will answer them as soon as possible!
Below I try my best to recall what happened round by round, but even the day after everything felt like a blur. Hopefully I was able to do a sufficient job.
Round 1 - Altergeist - W 2-0: Game 1 I open Garnet + Brilliant and somehow win that game. Game 2 I open Grass + Scorpio. Scorpio doesn't resolve, but Grass does.
Round 2 - Paleo - Tie 1-1: Game 1 was a grind, it was a lot of back and forth action, but I couldn't grind with him due to Toad being hard to out without losing my Snow. Game 2 I have clear advantage for the entire game, but he doesn't scoop so we go into time. He resolved Scapegoat and made two Missus Radiants while I had Block Dragon and Gigantes on board. It didn't end well for him. He was able to Scapegoat into a Borreload later in the game, but couldn't kill me. Next turn I made a Borreload of my own, took his, killed my Block Dragon he took and then killed him.
Round 3 - True Draco - W- 2-1: Game 1 I open the plant combo and go into Beast/Dweller (Whenever I don't know what I am playing against I usually just make Dweller to not lose to Draco boards). Game 2 He wins due to me not being able to play through Master Peace and 4 back row. Game 3 Is a grind. I don't remember too much from this, but from my notepad it looks like I kept hitting him with Snow. I end up winning this game.
Round 4 - 60 Card Dino - W - 2-0: Game 1 takes almost the entire round with both of us opening with subpar hands. UCT is hard to out with my deck, and he top decked Oviraptor one turn and then next turn top decked the pill. I'm able to out resource him and come out on top. Game 2 he activates Brilliant, summons Seraphinite and passes. I had Mind Control so I took his Seraphinite and summoned a plant. Game was over really fast.
Round 5 - True Draco - W - 2-1: I have no recollection of this match. Game 1 looks like a real grind with us trading life points back and forth. He out grinds me and finishes me off after I got him down to 3150. Game 2 I open Plant combo, but he somehow hits me for a 1900 which I assume is Iwato (The Rock). Presumably that was the extent of his turn. I win this game without subtracting anything from his lifepoints (potentially an OTK). Game 3 I grabbed without using the Plant combo.
Round 6 - Mekk-Knight Invoked - W - 2-1: Game 1 I open the plant combo into Curious/Beast/DwelleAsh in hand with Snow in grave. Game 2 I remember bricking really hard here, and I didn't draw Fossil Dyna which is auto win against his deck. Game 3 I make him go first and he summoned Aleister and passed. I make a board with Skull Dread/Beast/Amaterasu/Fossil Dyna and Ash in hand. He didn't have the board wipe so that was game.
Round 7 - True Draco - L - 0-2: Game 1 He opens pretty well and is able to set up a MonsteTrap Master Peace. Block Dragon's effect allowing it to not be destroyed by Card Effects came in hand here as the Master Peace had a tough time getting over the recursion and the 3k defense. I grind with Gigantes to pop his backrow and Block Dragon stalling, but I can't ever set up plays to out the Master Peace. Game 2 I open with Beast and Dweller, but no Snow in grave. He sets two backrow, tributes them both for Master Peace (Spell and Trap) and then kills my Beast with Master Peace. We keep grinding, and I out the Master Peace. He later hard draws another Master Peace, and had a trap to tribute as well which sealed the game.
Round 8 - True Draco - W - 2-0: Game 1 I opened the plant combo into Beast/DwelleAsh in hand with Snow and Spiritmaster in grave. Game 2 he let's me go first and I open grass so I set up Beast/DwelleAsh in Hand Snow in grave again. He sets 4 and passes back to me. I used Mezuki to summon another Mezuki from grave, and on summon he flips rivalry. I decided to keep my Mezuki because I had Ash in hand and thought I could make Black Rose to clear the Rivalry and all his other cards, which would leave him with just one card left in hand. I summon the Ash and when I go to summon Black Rose he tells me I can't. Not knowing that Rivalry worked like that things looked bad for me. He uses Diagram and gets to a monster and Master Peace. He makes a Trap/Monster master peace, and starts blowing me away. I have no cards on field, but I have Snow and Spiritmaster in grave. I use Snow and banish Spiritmaster to pop Rivalry. Rivalry is cleared and luckily he doesn't have another one. I still need to bait the Master Peace pop, clear the diagram AND go into Lightning all in the same turn, or I probably lose. I have a graveyard loaded with options and this turn ends up taking like 20 minutes. I start off by making a Tornado Dragon which he lets me summon, and then I clear the diagram. Step 1 complete, after that I summon three other monsters and one of them was an Ash from my graveyard I used by banishing Mezuki from grave. He pops the Ash with MP so I can't Synchro or make Borreload. I summon Block Dragon from grave which he must have forgot about and make Borreload. I use Snow and Gigantes to make a Lightning, and with the recursion of Snow and Block Dragon I was able to beat him that turn. Craziest game and combo of my life.
Round 9 - True Draco - W - 2-1*: Game 1 I drew Cobra and Lonefire after losing the die roll. I scooped before putting a card on the table so I could give him as little information as possible. Game 2 I open the plant combo into Beast/DwelleSnow in grave/Ash in hand. Right after we finish siding for Game 3 we get a random deck check. After about 20 minutes of sitting around waiting they gave him a game loss for having incorrect ratios, or something (the judges wouldn't tell me what exactly was wrong). He disputed, but they still gave him a game loss so I won the match without having to play game 3. It was quite unfortunate as he was a really cool dude, and to see his chances at Top 8 go out like that was quite unfortunate. If you're reading this, for probably the 100th time I am sorry our match ended that way and hope to see you at future events.
Round 10 - Trickstar - L - 0-2: Game 1 I win the die roll and open Garnet+Brilliant fusion. My ending board was a single Bagooska with no handtraps. He uses duality and he got Raigeki off of it. Game 2 I go first and open Lonefire/Bulb/Cobra. My ending board was a level 5 Uni-Zombie and a Raiden with Snow and Spiritmaster in grave... Not ideal. I only have one disruption and he is able to play through it rather easily.
It was an incredible experience as I was playing on top tables basically all day. All of my opponents were incredibly nice and said great things about by deck that made me really happy! In my last round of Swiss (Coincidentally my most embarrassing round I sat down next to Marcello Barberi, and Ryan Levine was on the table next to him. Ed Acepcion was probably two or three tables away from me as well. It was incredibly surreal that on that day I was playing on or close to the levels of those incredible players. If I won my last match I probably would have been in Top 8 considering I was on Table 6 and had good tiebreakers, but sadly things didn't work out. Thanks for reading this far and hopefully my terrible memory gave you an okay picture at how my rounds went.
Shoutouts to Kris Peterson for letting me borrow cards and helping me with the deck. The dude on Farfa's channel who topped with the Earth Lightsworn deck for inspiration. Derek Cannon for being a testing partner, and finally to yugioh for being awesome!
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2017.09.12 06:23 mxj- Young Stars Classic 2017 - Canucks Report Card

The Young Stars Classic 2017 ended with the Canucks going 1-1-1 in the tournament. These are the grades for each individual player (DNP means "did not play") and I'll talk about the most noticeable players, good or bad, in each position.
If I didn't address (player), it's because they've been released, or it's because they were up and down over the three games, I chose 2 consistently good and 1 consistently bad, except for goalies, who I think were all good.


D Name Grade vs. Jets Grade vs. Flames Grade vs. Oilers Final Grade
80 Barberis, Matt DNP C DNP C
70 Brassard, Matt C+ DNP C C+
56 Brisebois, Guillaume B- C C+ C+
68 Candella, Cole B- C C+ C+
63 Chatfield, Jalen B+ DNP B+ B+
40 Irving, Aaron DNP C DNP C
48 Juolevi, Olli B C+ A B+
71 Stewart, Mackenze C C D- C-


F Name Grade vs. Jets Grade vs. Flames Grade vs. Oilers Final Grade
6 Boeser, Brock B+ B DNP B+
65 Berisha, Aaron C DNP C C
58 Carcone, Michael B B- A B+
39 Corneil, Johny DNP C C+ C+
73 D'Aoust, Alexis C C B- C+
43 Gadjovich, Jonah B C+ B B
74 Laplante, Yan-Pavel DNP B C+ B
78 Lind, Kole A- C+ B- B
59 Luchuk, Aaron C DNP C+ C+
64 MacEwan, Zack B- C+ DNP B-
77 McKenzie, Brett B- C+ C+ C+
13 Molino, Griffen B B- C+ B-
79 Moynihan, Danny C+ C+ C+ C+
34 Stukel, Jacob C- D+ C+ C-


G Name Grade vs. Jets Grade vs. Flames Grade vs. Oilers Final Grade
35 Demko, Thatcher B DNP B B
75 DiPietro, Michael DNP B- DNP B-
76 Garteig, Michael DNP DNP B B

Most noticeable Defencemen:

Jalen Chatfield: When Jalen Chatfield wasn't playing, the Canucks were struggling, including his D partner, Juolevi. When Chatfield was playing, he was pretty damn good, and it made Juolevi's game much better as well. He is exactly as advertised, Tanev-lite. Calm, cool, collected plays and really solid defensively, and surprisingly quick. Definitely deserves a further assessment at the main training camp.
Olli Juolevi: Juolevi's game was quite good, with the game against the Flames being the worst of the 3 where without Chatfield, the entire D corps fell apart and Juolevi wasn't handling the extra minutes well with bad D partners. Juolevi was very good against the Oilers, where he picked up 2 assists and looked himself and very good on the PP as well.
Mackenzie Stewart: Now listen, he played progressively worse and worse throughout the tournament, no real doubts about that. He is a big body who gets physical and tries his best to box out opponents around the net, he's just not that great at basic defending. He's got an okay shot though I suppose. Overall poor performance, but I hope he can learn through this experience and improve from this performance, don't give up on him yet, even if he is a long shot.

Most noticeable Forwards:

Brock Boeser: Brock was very good, even though he went pointless in his 2 games at the tournament, he was a difference maker in them. A bit snake-bitten with a ton of posts/crossbars, but overall, you can see why we are all so hyped for him. His composure under pressure was second to none for this forward group and I hope he brings this to main camp to see if he belongs in the big club or not.
Michael Carcone: Carcone had two consistently good games against the Jets and Flames, but he put up a show during the last game against the Oilers. His two first period goals were well placed shots both hitting the top right corner, his second goal a true beauty cutting across the circles, multiple chances for the hat-trick, but a bit unlucky in later periods, doing all the little things right in all three games paid off. He showed his pace and his great shot, hopefully he plays top minutes in Utica, and if he continues this type of progression, maybe he'll have a shot at the big club eventually.
Jakob Stukel: There was something about Stukel that seemed off this tournament. He was still very fast, and had a couple of breakaway chances, but looked like he had stone hands every time. A lot of giveaways in the Flames game and overall not a whole lot went well for him. It could've been nerves, I sure hope it was, but can't write him off yet, still a young enough player to turn it around, and speed is key in today's game.

Most noticeable Goalies:

Thatcher Demko: Demko was good in both games he played, a bit of a gongshow in front of him maybe cause a few more goals to go in than there should have been but overall, quite happy with how calm he was and did well with his puck distribution as well.
Michael DiPietro: Unfortunately, DiPietro was hung out to dry, playing his only game against the Flames, where the Canucks conceded 6 goals, 1 being an empty netter. He wasn't given a good chance on most of the goals against, but did seem resilient and you could see flashes of his athleticism that he's known for. Bad game, but not his fault, I think he did just fine.
Michael Garteig: Just a tidbit on Garteig, but he looked really solid after letting in the first goal on the first shot coming in cold in the third period. Unfortunate defending on the OT winner for the Oilers but I think he looked pretty good.


Brock's good, Carcone impressed, Chatfield's a dark horse to make the big club this season, Olli's good, goalies are good.
This post is my personal opinion after watching the 3 games at this year's Young Stars Classic. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me if I didn't cover it in the post. If you disagree with everything, I've said, that's great. Thanks for reading.
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2014.03.31 21:56 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hello! I am Jillian Barberie, TV host (you might know me from Good Day LA and the rest of you might know me from the NFL on Fox). AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-31
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Questions Answers
What do u like the most in ur job? What r u vest memories?on stage ,backstage? With who do u wanna work someday? And finally, What was the best advice u ve been given in ur whole career and by whom? Best part about my job is that I just get paid for shooting the shit on a daily bsis about topics of the day, random headline news right down to frivolous celebrity stuff. It's fun to be able to cheer people up on the 405 when they are stuck. And John Phillips who is my partner on the radio show, this is a very right wing station so it's fun to be the person on the left, is that it's 3 hours of us talking like yentas about today's subject and today's news, and before you know it's it's 3'clock. I have certain memories that stand out, the first time going on Howard Stern show was a huge moment in my career and it always is every time I go in there. I've interviewed every celebrity, every actor. VH1 had me host a red carpet and I got to interview Dave Grohl, so that was a fun night. Growing 2 human beings and being a mom is the most memorable thing I could ever do, and I was adopted, so just being a mother is just the most memorable thing you can ever do, it's scary as hell and there is no manual. I've done jobs where I've been in ensembles like sitcoms, and then when I hosted Extreme Dating, the dating show, and I've worked with teams like Good Day LA or NFL. I don't really have someone I would say I'd like to work with, except for Howard Stern and all those jobs are taken. It would be a dream to work alongside him. But he's already got Robin and she is perfect for him. Well, I'm a homebody. I love decorating, I think I am a frustrated decorator at heart. I love swimming with the kids in the pool, and I love my new movie theater nearby with reclining chairs, so in my free time I like dinner and movies. I'm a pretty simple girl. Even if it's a bad movie, it doesn't matter, the seats are so comfy. Well this person did not give me advice, but I have sort of modeled myself after marching to the beat of my own drum. I use Howard Stern as my example: if he had listened to all the suits, he would not be where he is today. He is what you call an outlier. Sometimes the worst advice you can give is advice, period. There was a girl who got my job in MIami after me doing weather, and she asked me for advice, and her bosses asked her to watch the videos of me doing the weather, and I told her to not watch those tapes. I told her to go by her heart. I have to learn myself, by making mistakes. So I am not good at giving advice.
I love you! Who is your favorite Howard Stern staffer besides Howard himself?? Oh my god, that's so tough. Gary glues that whole show together, I would say Richard and Sal make me laugh on a daily basis, they are genius, they are probably my favorites.
Thank-you for taking the time to answer my question, it made my day! What did you think of Lisa G's audition? First of all, everything on that show entertains me to no end. I love Lisa G. I know her, I'm friendly with her. Listening to all of their auditions, Richard's was awesome, Sal's… It's hard for me to critique anybody because I love everybody on that show so dearly. They are all endlessly entertaining and they all have one goal: to bring the best forward for Howard. they want their best game for Howard, and that's kind of what i love about it. You go in and everyone just wants to please him. I love all the auditions and thought they all looked awesome.
Richard Christie's audition has to be my favorite because of the time and effort he put into all of his Robin song parodies. He is one of the funniest people I have ever met.
Bf? gf? booty call buddy? None of the above. I've got two kids that drain every morsel of energy I have. And when you are working and juggling, honestly it's not like I'm out there to get asked out. I go to movies with my friends, we go to dinner, we chill, but I went to a party on Saturday night, and one of my best friends, her husband was in a band and so they were playing at a birthday party for the wife of one of the guys of Velvet Revolver, long story, so they had a backyard bbq and all these guys got up and played, and my girlfriend was saying look there are all these guys, and I was like nobody is interested. Nobody asks me out, it's not wahhh but it's just a fact, and I don't go out to seek it and so it just doesn't happen. And I've only been divorced for a year, and it's all about my kids and my work and getting my career on track, and then love will come second.
Why do you think there is a lack of asians (middle eastern, east asian) playing in the NFL? or in american professional sports? would you consider ever dating someone of middle-eastern or eastern asian descent? Oh yeah, I used to say I was the United Nations of dating, I don't discriminate! My best friend is from Iran, and my other best friend is from Mexico City, and my third best friend is from Israel, and my fourth best friend is from Puerto Rico, she was the first cover girl, and I'm from Canada. I have one friend here from America. So I am very much all about multicultural. When I was on Good Day LA, I would watch telemundo and Univision, and I would say there should be a show that has a little spanish, some english, some spanglish for everyone in the morning. Unfortunately I don't think the white men in suits are about that, but I am very much a people person. My birth parents were born in Europe and were immigrants to Canada and that is where I was born. And I think that we are a melting pot. As far as sports, my first husband was an MLB player and he played with a lot of latino players in the 90s, and he had a theory that because he grew up in America, a lot of kids were on their video games, and in Latin countries they were out playing baseball. As far as other ethnicities, my brother played hockey so… who knows? Who knows why people get into sports they get into? I'm into everything for everybody.
Great answer. i just feel asians have a bad reputation in american culture and are never portrayed in the most flattering light. There is not a lot of representation, so I would agree. I don't feel that way at all, but i think that people like Dave Chappelle, and SNL, there are certain people that have tried to break that barrier a bit, and it's nice to see Asian faces on TV and I think we need to see more. I pitched a show to E! one time and it was a morning show with just that - myself, a Hispanic woman, an African-American woman, an Asian woman, a gay guy - maybe if I did a late night show i would take that format and put a bunch of people on it at night. I remember, speaking of Asian Americans, a special that George Takei did on Howard Stern's network and he talked about what it was like to be a Japanese-American living here, and it was so heartbreaking. America can be the greatest country sometimes, and then sometimes in situations like that, you have to learn from your past.
Is it true that Joe Buck pees sitting down? He's a very busy man who doesn't have time for frivolities. So I'm going to say yes.
I KNEW IT! That's funny.
Hello. Do you use any articulation exercises before work? and maybe you can give advice how to prepare yourself for public appearance? No, no exercises that's for sure! I'm probably the least prepared person that has ever done live television. The guests going in, I would find out that day. I can't stand meetings. I just like to go with the flow. And in order to do that, you can't super prepare. I probably should take better care of my voice, it's funny because my real life hero in broadcasting is Howard Stern and he prepares a lot. He's sort of my guru of broadcasting to me, and he is extremely prepared, but i don't follow that doctrine.
Who was that marrried woman who used to co-host the show you did with that older guy, are you friends with her still? That would be Dorothy, and I just talked to her the other day. She does a lot of charity work and we probably talk more now than we ever have. So she's doing well.
Do you think women should be permitted to play professional american football? Maybe not on the same team but like in their own division? Yes, I mean, I don't know if anyone would watch but yes of course? Definitely not on the same team, though, there's a reason men and women are different, but whatever floats your boat. Women get paid less than everything, I think that modeling is the only one where women get paid more than men, but anytime women can get out there and do their thing, I'm all for it.
You would be AWESOME as a host on a late night talk show. that would be brilliant and i'd watch every night!!! Well, thank you. It would be my dream. I would love to do what Chelsea does and I have known her for probably 8 or 9 years? Since before she got her show. She's funny as hell and i love that she pays the way. It takes balls to walk away from $9 million dollars a year, and I think it's because she sees something bigger for herself. If I ever did a show it would be very much in that vein. It's fun, she gets to be hilarious, and she does good interviews. That would be a dream.
Well, if/when that show happens i'm there with bells on. my only would be issue (and dream at the same time) -- you and howard both get a late night show.. i'd have to choose who to dvr and who to watch live! lol. If I got a late night show, I'd wear ONLY bells! Let me tell you.
What was your best moment on the NFL on Fox pregame shows? I think when Howie Long (after I think my third year there) turned and acknowledged me. Forget covering the super bowl, it was when Howie Long acknowledged me, that was when I finally existed.
I used to spend all my weekday mornings watching good day L.A in middleschool before class. What was your favorite part about working at Good Day L.A? That it was a family, that we got to be a part of people's morning routines, which is such an honor and a privilege. We would be in people's homes every morning helping them start their day. Every day when I would go to work, it wouldn't feel like work, it felt like I was driving into an experience. I didn't know who the guests would be, or the mood, every day was new, and the fact that it was live meant it was spontaneous and you never knew it was going to happen, and the fact that people were entertained by us for almost 20 years is almost unheard of in the television business.
What occupation would you like to have if you were not a TV Host?? Well, obviously I would want to be a supermodel. You are born gorgeous, and you get paid millions of dollars just for being born gorgeous, like Giselle. Then I wouldn't have to worry about finding a guy, you wouldn't have to worry about finding money, you could focus on what you wanted to do, like starting charities. but if I wanted to have a profession, I can't imagine anything outside of this. I love people and learning why they are the way they are. I used to think veterinarian but I could never put an animal down. And then I thought psychologist but I would only ever hear people's problems. I used to think I was great with kids, but then I had two of my own. So I've changed what I want to do a lot over the years.
So, do you like, come here often? Seriously though, How is Terry Bradshaw on NFL on Fox? Dude seems so energetic for being that age. Aw thank you! Terry and I, together we have a tremendous amount of energy. People would say why don't you guys date and I would say can you imagine?!? he is exactly what you see. What you see is what you get, and that is why people love him and identify with him. He is outspoken, he is smart, he is funny and one of my favorite people I've ever worked with, ever. He's still a favorite of mine. I don't know where he gets the energy though. Crazy!
Who was your role model growing up? Thank you! Wow, role model wise? I loved television and I grew up with 70's sitcoms, and so I used to watch a lot of television. And for a young child, I was a little on the strange side, because I used to watch Barbara Walters a lot, and a lot of journalists. I loved her, I absolutely loved Barbara Walters, I had no idea she was breaking boundaries for women. I would probably say she was a huge role model for me. I wasn't the type of person, my dad was an amazing person too. I would have to say in real life my dad but on television Barbara Walters.
What's up with those Fox NFL Robots? My ex-husband used to say the same thing. Everything these days is branding and cross promotion, and i believe it started (I could be wrong) with the Transformers movie maybe? And that robot just became part of the show somehow. I got it, I worked there, it was just part of the gig. But my ex used to say the same thing.
Hi Jillian! I remember watching you on a home makeover show. Do you still have it set up the way it was redone? Did you change anything? No, it's exactly the same. In fact I was inspired to do the rest of my house in a similar manner so I did. I finished my bedroom, I redid my bedroom and my son's and daughter's rooms, and I love it.
Hi Jillian! How's your day going so far? Awesome, outside of my cat having fleas and getting the kids off to school, and getting ready for this interview, juggling it all, all in a day's work for a working mother.
What do you REALLY think if Jason Ellis? Oh god I love Jason Ellis! He is one of the most complicated, interesting, funny, self-deprecating human beings I have ever met. He is fearless and to me, very intriguing. He's somebody who puts it all out there, for good and for bad. To me he is fearless. Whenever he does a show I love being on it. And I'm looking forward to being on his show again very soon.
You're fit and athletic. Who inspires you to hit the gym and to feel the pump? Ew OMG I don't work out! I did a skating show on Fox ten years ago and that was my last time I worked out. I did work out for my Nutrisystem infomercial, so I did ten sessions before the infomercial and i was over 40 and in a bikini, and so the 10th session I was like NOPE.
My girlfriends all walk the hills, and they know to not even ask me. In my downtime, I love watching movies.
I run after my 4 year old Tasmanian devil, that's the only exercise I get. I hate exercise.
The skating show, we worked out for 11 weeks, 5 hours a day. I got very tiny, I lost all my boobs because they were real, and my booty. And when I went back to the NFl, Terry was like "where's my girl!? I lost all my curves!
I admire people who work out, who hit the gym. I like curvier bodies myself, the Victoria's Secret body, they are little but on the curvier side and sexy. There are so many brazilian models I could name but to me they are the epitome of sexy women. I would also say Playboy playmates because they still have curves. There are so many stick figure women in Hollywood, and I like curves. Working out made me lose my curves so it's not going to happen again.
Do you sometime butter and toast the buns when you are making your burgers? No but I will tell you a secret: when I used to work at Burger King, we would put the burger on the flame to give it the flame grilled marks, but we would microwave the patties after that. We did not butter the buns at Burger King.
Does being on-screen become the norm fairly quickly or does it feel a particular way every time you go on air? I've always wondered what it might be like to be on camera on a regular basis. Big fan! Thanks for this. Well, it becomes the norm no doubt. I remember being very nervous at my first job in Montreal, but I think that lasted about maybe 2-3 days, and the first time I was doing the NFL or a sitcom, I did a late night show on FX, there's a certain amount of nervousness but even going on the radii here, I think this is my sixth week, I wasn't nervous. But the nerves go away and it becomes the norm. I remember being on Good Day LA and feeling like i wasn't even on TV. It becomes secondary, just innate.
Jillian, remember when McDonald's had a burger on their menu called the Big Xtra? Do you remember trying one? Yes or no? No. I don't remember that.
Have you ever been to NYC before? I am going to make a trip there for the NY Auto Show this April. I've been five times, for Howard Stern or Regis Philbin - actually three times for Howard, and two for Regis. It is one of my favorite cities in the world. It's electric and invigorating. I absolutely love New York.
Even though I'm way out of high school, will you go to prom with me? That's funny. I never got to go to my own prom so sure. But I'm sure people will think I am your mom.
I went to my best friend's prom with him, he was gay and ostracized at school, so we had a great time at his prom. that was fun. I never got to go to my own prom, sadly.
Favorite food place in LA? Probably Mozza, Mario Batali's restaurant on Highland. I'm a foodie so I have restaurants all over the city. In the valley it's a little place called Sol Y Luna, it is a treasure and I have been going since the day they opened. Now they are packed all the time.
Anywhere you do meets and greets? No, I guess I should do them? Like the staff at the Howard Stern show? I don't really do that per se. Recently they did Happiness Day that John Phillips and Pharrell got behind where we got to meet viewers and listeners, and it was really great. I loved meeting the people who watch and listen to the show. That's why I love social media, it gives you insight into what people are thinking. If you're not servicing your audience who are you thinking?
So like fans can get auto and pics with you kinda thing. Yes I would totally be up for it! I've just never done anything like that. When I was on the NFL, we did have that, and we did things like that every once in a while, but it was a big deal because it was mostly about Terry and Howie. I've never done a meet and greet but I would.
How does one steal jullian's heart away? I don't know, it's such a hard question to answer.
I'm very easy going in life. I just would like somebody who has their own life, has their stuff together, they don't try to micromanage my life and my world. Probably the easiest answer is just accept me for who I am and not try to change me. I would love to be just accepted and loved for who I am and appreciated. Pretty simple.
Jillian, how is it like being a spokesperson for Too Faced? It's amazing, we just got back from Florida on Friday and I still am the spokesperson. And I love it. We sold out of our products because they are amazing. And I am honored to do it, I've been in TV for 25 years and i have always done my own makeup. This is a brand I can really get behind and I have tried everything. I love the people behind the brand, I love the brand itself, these are two guys that started behind a makeup counter, when I met them and they are now global and gazillionaires because they had a dream and a credit card. And I am fortunate enough to have them pick me to be their face at HSN, because i have used them since the beginning. They call me the original Too Faced girl. But I love it. I LOVE it.
Do people ever confuse you for this girl? Just wondering because you guys look alike. However, I should say, you are much better looking IMO. Yes, actually! Janine Lindemulder. And when I first went blonde they confused me all the time, and now I'm brunette it does not happen as often, but I used to get her, Jennifer Esposito, definitely.
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