Red snapper citat

The USG routinely intercepts and monitors communications on this IS for purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, COMSEC monitoring, network operations and defense, personnel misconduct (PM), law enforcement (LE), and counterintelligence (CI) investigations. 2020-mar-11 - Everything summer . Visa fler idéer om Sommar, Hjärtkrans, Dekorationer midsommar. Der gives folk, der i den grad omgås letsindigt og skammeligt med andres ideer, de snapper op, at de burde tiltales for ulovlig omgang med hittegods citat af Søren Kierkegaard. By Dagens Citat Published 9. december 2016 Søren Kierkegaard citater The auction is split between two simultaneous rings. One ring which is located outdoors, selling primarily vehicles, construction equipment, and miscellaneous items. And the second ring starting indoors followed by outdoor items, these lots consist o Na zvuku Red Snapper se jeho přítomnost podepisuje velmi významně, což je celkem pochopitelné vzhledem k tomu, že nástroje, které obsluhuje, jsou dominantní a poutají na sebe pozornost. Žánry, kterými nově vzniklé kvarteto proplouvá, nelze jasně vymezit. Stále se ale drží hlavně acid jazzu, trip hopu s až breakbeatovými ... Model 5901267 Marketing Model 27/52 Engine Brand Briggs & Stratton Engine Model Commercial Series V-Twin Start Type Key Power Rating * 27 Cylinders 2 Choke/Throttle Separate Choke & Throttle Engine Displacement (cc) 810 Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 5.50 Battery(cca) 350 Transmission Type H... A few of my Best Light Tackle Catches are a 240 lb Bluefin Tuna caught on a 20# live bait tackle, a 350 lb Blue Marlin caught on a 30# trolling tackle, a 50 lb Yellowfin Tuna caught on 10# spinning tackle, a 34 lb 8 oz King Mackerel caught from the Beach on 10# spinning tackle, 75 lb Cobia caught on 15# spinning gear, 73 lb Cobia caught on 20 ... When people see you sitting on your red Snapper mower looking like Forrest Gump, chugging back and forth on you one-acre lawn, and then they see your wife in old clothes bent over double pulling up weeds, then all your status is gone. Elizabeth Caroline Orton is an English singer-songwriter, known for her 'folktronica' sound, which mixes elements of folk and electronica. She was initially recognised for her collaborations with William Orbit, Andrew Weatherall, Red Snapper and the Chemical Brothers in the mid-1990s. Der gives folk, der i den grad omgås letsindigt og skammeligt med andres ideer, de snapper op, at de burde tiltales for ulovlig omgang med hittegods citat af Søren Kierkegaard. By Dagens Citat Published 9. december 2016 Søren Kierkegaard citater

Two Isolated Sample Sizes - King of Darkness Raid - 486800 and 368600 Coins

2017.12.27 06:12 Skittlessour Two Isolated Sample Sizes - King of Darkness Raid - 486800 and 368600 Coins

Ho ho ho, Merry Raid Summons! I hope all of you were showered with TMRs, Cactuars, and Gil Snappers this time around. Now that Christmas is over, I had time to make this post so enjoy!Sources and interesting links at the bottom.
TL;DR: Tables 10 and 11 have the relevant information. Table 10 compares my data to the wiki's data, and table 11 compares the drop rates for every raid GL has had to date in a compact and easy to read format (minus A Frosty Offensive since it didn't have a raid summon). Just CTRL+F to find them under "Table 10" and "Table 11"
EDIT: Received data from the following user(s): nekoramza tretlon Jack_Mikeson
Below are my findings for my main account compared to the Wiki's findings1 :

Table 1

Name Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Rounding Estimation (%) Better Estimation (%) Wiki's Estimation (%) Absolute Difference (%)
King Gil Snapper 153 3.14 3.10 3.00 3.00 0
Metal Gigantuar 103 2.12 2.10 2.00 2.00 0
Gil Snapper Family 73 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
King Metal Minituar 43 0.88 0.90 1.00 1.00 0
Kelsus Moogle 62 1.27 1.30 1.50 1.50 0
Ashteroze 81 1.66 1.70 1.50 1.50 0
Sandee 81 1.66 1.70 1.50 1.50 0
Nyalu 95 1.95 2.00 1.50 1.50 0
Kupolkan 73 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
Grinfield 81 1.66 1.70 1.50 1.50 0
Twilight Feather 946 19.43 19.40 19.50 19.00 0.5
Pure Thread 833 17.11 17.10 17.00 17.00 0
Worn Blueprint 688 14.13 14.10 14.00 14.00 0
Steel Bone 551 11.32 11.30 11.50 12.50 1
Black Oil 363 7.46 7.50 7.50 7.50 0
Esper Food 642 13.19 13.20 14.00 13.50 0.5
Total Summoned 4868 100.00 100.10 100.00 100.00 2
Magicite and Megacite breakdown below:

Table 2

Magicite Color Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimation (%)
Red 43 0.88 1.00
Blue 45 0.92 1.00
Green 45 0.92 1.00
White 47 0.97 1.00
Black 46 0.94 1.00
Yellow 50 1.03 1.00
Orange 42 0.86 1.00
Violet 52 1.07 1.00
Clear 93 1.91 2.00
Shard 91 1.87 2.00
Total Summoned 554 11.38 12.00

Table 3

Megacite Color Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimation (%)
Red 16 0.33 0.25
Blue 11 0.23 0.25
Green 7 0.14 0.25
White 10 0.21 0.25
Black 10 0.21 0.25
Yellow 12 0.25 0.25
Orange 13 0.27 0.25
Violet 9 0.18 0.25
Total Summoned 88 1.81 2.00
Here's an explanation of each column:
  • Total Pulls: Total number of the named item (the matching item in the row under the Name column, i.e. "Ashteroze" for instance) pulled in the sample size.
  • Pull Rate (%): Total percent of the named item pulled out of the entire sample size (I.e. Ashteroze comprised 1.66% of all summons).
  • Rounding Estimation (%): This is just the last digit of the previous column rounded off. This is an intermediate calculation I include since it helps make the math pleasing to the eye and makes the arrival to the next column make more sense.
  • Better Estimation (%): This is my personal assumption, based off of the data I collected, of what the official drop rates might be for the named item in the corresponding row.
  • Wiki's Estimation (%): Same as the previous column, but it's the number that the Wiki concluded.
  • Absolute Difference (%): This is the column I really wanted to explain. This column shows the percent difference between the previous two columns (Better Estimation and Wiki's Estimation). It's used to gauge how close my predictions are to what the Wiki predicted. The last number in this column is the sum of all the differences. For example, if the last number is 5 then that means my predictions all sum up to be a total of 5% different than what the Wiki predicted the drop rates were.
As for the findings themselves, it seems that my numbers largely match up with what the Wiki arrived at. With only a 2% total absolute difference, i'd say that's within the error of a sample size like mine is (I didn't actually verify this with any math, if anyone else would like to then I'd love to add it in with appropriate credit and citation).
My only gripe with my own data and interpretation of results would be that in a perfect world, my magicite and megacite tables would have came up with a number closer to 13.5% instead of 14% and then I could bump my Nyalu drop rate estimation up to 2% from 1.5% seeing as my actual Nyalu pull rate was almost exactly 2%. As it is now, I decided the odd Nyalu drop rate was likely due to my small sample, but it's worth shining a spotlight on how different her pull rate was compared to all the other units and Moogles.
Below are my findings for my alt account compared to the Wiki's findings1 :

Table 4

Name Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Rounding Estimation (%) Better Estimation (%) Wiki's Estimation (%) Absolute Difference (%)
King Gil Snapper 112 3.04 3.00 3.00 3.00 0
Metal Gigantuar 82 2.22 2.20 2.00 2.00 0
Gil Snapper Family 71 1.93 1.90 2.00 1.50 0.5
King Metal Minituar 41 1.11 1.10 1.00 1.00 0
Kelsus Moogle 53 1.44 1.40 1.50 1.50 0
Ashteroze 45 1.22 1.20 1.50 1.50 0
Sandee 51 1.38 1.40 1.50 1.50 0
Nyalu 56 1.52 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
Kupolkan 54 1.47 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
Grinfield 58 1.57 1.60 1.50 1.50 0
Twilight Feather 704 19.10 19.10 19.00 19.00 0
Pure Thread 646 17.53 17.50 17.50 17.00 0.5
Worn Blueprint 520 14.11 14.10 14.00 14.00 0
Steel Bone 390 10.58 10.60 10.50 12.50 2
Black Oil 297 8.06 8.10 8.00 7.50 0.5
Esper Food 506 13.73 13.70 14.00 13.50 0.5
Total Summoned 3686 100.00 99.90 100.00 100.00 4
Magicite and Megacite breakdown below:

Table 5

Magicite Color Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimation (%)
Red 47 1.28 1.00
Blue 38 1.03 1.00
Green 42 1.14 1.00
White 35 0.95 1.00
Black 40 1.09 1.00
Yellow 43 1.17 1.00
Orange 32 0.87 1.00
Violet 26 0.71 1.00
Clear 78 2.12 2.00
Shard 59 1.60 2.00
Total Summoned 440 11.94 12.00

Table 6

Megacite Color Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimation (%)
Red 6 0.16 0.25
Blue 7 0.19 0.25
Green 14 0.38 0.25
White 10 0.27 0.25
Black 7 0.19 0.25
Yellow 7 0.19 0.25
Orange 6 0.16 0.25
Violet 9 0.24 0.25
Total Summoned 66 1.79 2.00
The data comparison is pretty similar here to the main account's data with some exceptions:
  • The absolute difference doubled now (from 2% to 4%) which might be due to less pulls overall, but also might be an indicator of more evidence to the contrary of the Wiki's numbers, albeit slightly so.
  • The Steel Bone drop rate is 2% different between this sample and the Wiki's numbers (or a 16% drop compared to what the Wiki had) which is statistically significant. This likely implies that either this data had a bias towards not getting as many of those drops, or the actual drop rate for Steel Bone is somewhere between 10.5% and 12.5%.
Below are my findings for my main + alt accounts added together compared to the Wiki's findings1 :

Table 7

Name Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Rounding Estimation (%) Better Estimation (%) Wiki's Estimation (%) Absolute Difference (%)
King Gil Snapper 265 3.10 3.10 3.00 3.00 0
Metal Gigantuar 185 2.16 2.20 2.00 2.00 0
Gil Snapper Family 144 1.68 1.70 1.50 1.50 0
King Metal Minituar 84 0.98 1.00 1.00 1.00 0
Kelsus Moogle 115 1.34 1.30 1.50 1.50 0
Ashteroze 126 1.47 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
Sandee 132 1.54 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
Nyalu 151 1.77 1.80 1.50 1.50 0
Kupolkan 127 1.48 1.50 1.50 1.50 0
Grinfield 139 1.62 1.60 1.50 1.50 0
Twilight Feather 1650 19.29 19.30 19.50 19.00 0.5
Pure Thread 1479 17.29 17.30 17.50 17.00 0.5
Worn Blueprint 1208 14.12 14.10 14.00 14.00 0
Steel Bone 941 11.00 11.00 11.00 12.50 1.5
Black Oil 660 7.72 7.70 7.50 7.50 0
Esper Food 1148 13.42 13.40 14.00 13.50 0.5
Total Summoned 8554 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 3.00
Magicite and Megacite breakdown below:

Table 8

Magicite Color Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimation (%)
Red 90 1.05 1.00
Blue 83 0.97 1.00
Green 87 1.02 1.00
White 82 0.96 1.00
Black 86 1.01 1.00
Yellow 93 1.09 1.00
Orange 74 0.87 1.00
Violet 78 0.91 1.00
Clear 171 2.00 2.00
Shard 150 1.75 2.00
Total Summoned 994 11.62 12.00

Table 9

Megacite Color Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimation (%)
Red 22 0.26 0.25
Blue 18 0.21 0.25
Green 21 0.25 0.25
White 20 0.23 0.25
Black 17 0.20 0.25
Yellow 19 0.22 0.25
Orange 19 0.22 0.25
Violet 18 0.21 0.25
Total Summoned 154 1.80 2.00
The data with both samples combined together arrives at a pretty logical conclusion. The differences between this data and that of the Wiki's data smooths out some and averages out. The total absolute difference, which was 2% and 4% for the main and alt accounts respectively, becomes 3% when combined. Do note that this might not have been the case. For example, one account rounded up for the Esper Food estimation and the other rounded down, whereas the Wiki's estimation was between them so they averaged out to become the same estimation. Also, the Steel Bone drop rate estimation was lower on both accounts than it was on the wiki (1% and 2% difference) so they averaged out to 1.5%. This might not always be the case since we can have scenarios where all the percent differences are all on different items for each account and little to no averaging/cancellation of estimates occurs, leaving us with a consistent total absolute difference (which is more of a sign of estimations being wrong somewhere and less of sensitivity to sample size).
Essentially, everything looks to be on the up and up.
Here's a more compact comparison between my main account, alt account, main + alt account, and the Wiki's findings1 :

Table 10

Name Main Account Estimation (%) Alt Account Estination (%) Main + Alt Account Estimation (%) Wiki's Estimation (%)
King Gil Snapper 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00
Metal Gigantuar 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00
Gil Snapper Family 1.50 2.00 1.50 1.50
King Metal Minituar 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
Kelsus Moogle 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50
Ashteroze 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50
Sandee 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50
Nyalu 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50
Kupolkan 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50
Grinfield 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50
Twilight Feather 19.50 19.00 19.50 19.00
Pure Thread 17.00 17.50 17.50 17.00
Worn Blueprint 14.00 14.00 14.00 14.00
Steel Bone 11.50 10.50 11.00 12.50
Black Oil 7.50 8.00 7.50 7.50
Esper Food 14.00 14.00 14.00 13.50
Total Summoned 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00
The estimates for all the units are spot on between all accounts and the Wiki. The materials only slightly deviate with the exception of Steel Bone which has very different numbers between both accounts and the Wiki. The Esper food is slightly higher with both accounts, but not by much at all. All in all, everything looks similar.
Here's a comparison of the drop types for every raid on GL to date (based off of Wiki's numbers1 2 3 4 5 as well as jack_mikeson) :

Table 11

Summon Categories March on Ifrit (%) The Egg Seekers (Week 1) (%) The Egg Seekers (Week 2) (%) Vision of Bahamut (%) March on Titan (%) Anniversary Raid (%) NieR Raid (%) The Shadow Lord Invades (%) Dark Symphony (%) King of Darkness (%)
Units (Non Moogle/Enhancement) 11.2 0 0 0 10 3 2 0 0 7.5
Trust Moogles 6 1 1 10 0 0 2.5 0 2 1.5
Enhancement Units 0 5 5 5 12 15.5 6.5 7.5 7 7.5
Materials 82.8 86 86 77.5 78 61.5 49.5 82 49 70
Esper Food 0 8 8 7.5 0 20 39.5 10.5 42 13.5
Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
NOTE: jack_mikeson gave me their recorded data for all the raids prior to the Anniversary Raid (March of Ifrit to March of Titan) since the Wiki didn't start recording drop rates of raid summons until the Anniversary Raid. Big thank you to this user! I took the liberty of estimating drop rates based off of their actual data to help incorporate it into this table (all estimates were within 1% of the actual data). I will include a link to this user's pull information at the bottom of this post with their express permission.
Looking at the data, there aren't any concrete trends and the decision to include or exclude certain categories (i.e. usable units and Trust Moogles) seems to vary more based off of the actual raid itself and what makes sense at the time (such as FFXI raids actually including FFXI units). The numbers for how much of what is dropped for which raid seems more random than anything to me.
I'll leave this space open for anyone else who wants to contribute any data they've recorded:
NOTE: If you have data to contribute but don't want to mess with formatting in reddit, fear not! Here's a site that can automate formatting between a copy/pasted block of excel or other spreadsheet program's data and spit out an already correctly formatted reddit table (I actually just started using this myself for this post):
Thanks to lemminman for such a useful tool!
Pull Amount % Est.
Twilight Feather 1216 19.0% 19%
Pure Thread 1057 16.6% 17%
Worn Blueprint 893 14% 14%
Steel Bone 746 11.7% 12%
Black Oil 534 8.4% 8%
Colored Megacite 110 1.7% 2%
Colored Magicite 529 8.3% 8%
Magicite 156 2.4% 2%
Magicite Shard 122 1.91% 2%
King Metal Minitaur 54 0.85% 1%
Gil Snapper Family 85 1.33% 1%
Metal Gigantuar 136 2.13% 2%
King Gil Snapper 169 2.65% 3%
Moogle - Prodigy Goggles 91 1.43% 1.5%
Ashteroze 111 1.74% 1.5%
Nyaru 105 1.64% 1.5%
Kupolkan 89 1.39% 1.5%
Sandee 88 1.38% 1.5%
Grinfield 94 1.47% 1.5%
Total 6385 ~100% 100%
Here is their comment on the data:
Fairly balanced distribution of units, wish I had gotten 5 TMRs of each but alas. Looks like most are in line with yours.
  • Here's a sampling from user tretlon :
Pull Amount % Est.
Twilight Feather 1179 19.01% 19%
Pure Thread 1045 16.85% 17%
Worn Blueprint 883 14.24% 14%
Steel Bone 750 12.09% 12%
Black Oil 474 7.64% 7.5%
King Metal Minitaur 60 0.97% 1%
Gil Snapper Family 97 1.56% 1.5%
Metal Gigantuar 122 1.97% 2%
King Gil Snapper 201 3.24% 3%
Moogle - Prodigy Goggles 86 1.39% 1.5%
Ashteroze 84 1.35% 1.5%
Nyaru 79 1.27% 1.5%
Kupolkan 90 1.45% 1.5%
Sandee 95 1.53% 1.5%
Grinfield 106 1.71% 1.5%
Magicite 850 13.71% 14%
Total 6201 ~100% 100%
Tretlon didn't comment on the data, so I will for them! The numbers match up pretty closely with those of mine, Nekoramza's, and the Wiki's. Nothing strange afoot here.
Name Total Pulls Pull Rate (%) Estimated Rate (%)
Ashteroze 76 1.2 1.5
Grinfield 117 1.9 1.5
Kupolkan 91 1.5 1.5
Nyalu 108 1.7 1.5
Sandee 92 1.5 1.5
Prodigy's Goggles 108 1.7 1.5
Metal Gigantuar 122 2.0 2.0
King Gil Snapper 169 2.7 3.0
King Metal Minituar 61 1.0 1.0
Gil Snapper Family 98 1.6 1.5
Magicite Shard 135 2.2 2.0
Magicite 124 2.0 2.0
Coloured Magicite 492 7.9 8.0
Megacite 93 1.5 1.5
Twilight Feather 1142 18.4 18.5
Pure Thread 1044 16.8 17.0
Worn Blueprint 851 13.7 14.0
Steel Bone 741 12.0 12.0
Black Oil 532 8.6 8.5
Total 6196 100.0 100.0
Here is their comment about the data:
Overall my data seems to tie up with yours and the Wiki's. The spread for the units was wider than I was expecting though (1.2 to 1.9 % rate). I put this down to low sample size.
I really appreciate any and all people who are willing to go through the arduous task of recording their pulls and forming data like this. Especially those who already have maxed out Esper food since that's a very lengthy extra step to get the information for.
Finally, below are links to relevant information:
As well as my past related posts
Thank you for taking a look at my post, please voice all comments and concerns either in the comments or send me a PM. If you do so as a reply to this post, to ensure a response give me a Skittlessour tag.
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2017.01.09 22:29 BigJohn_ Tuberculosis Tie By Infectious Awareables Blue Silk

Tuberculosis Tie By Infectious Awareables Blue Silk The mission of every Infectious Awareables tie is to generate interest, discussion, even excitement about serious public health issues such as this silk Tuberculosis tie in blue. Believing that humor can be a powerful educational tool, Infectious Awareables neckties take an atypical, slightly irreverent approach to some very serious subjects. Shop and take pride in knowing that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to disease research/education. "Start the Conversation!" Based on the Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogen, this necktie pattern is faithful to the slide, right down to the "red snappers." It probably tops the Awareables 'best-seller' list. B, an age-old bacterial pathogen typically transmitted by airborne droplets, remains the greatest infectious killer in the history of man. It has re-emerged to pose a serious global threat, causing more than 2 million deaths each year, primarily in developing countries. Its multi-drug resistant (MDRTB) form is particularly dangerous and growing more wide-spread where crowded conditions and non-compliance to strict drug regimens are common. A back-of-tie "Awareness Note" and a source citation are incorporated in the pattern design, which reads: "TUBERCULOSIS is a chronic bacterial infection, usually affecting the lungs, transmitted by inhalation of infected airborne droplets. Adherence to treatment regimen is critical in order to reduce incidence of multiple drug resistance." "Original images provided by Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA, and other credentialed sources." Note: IA contributes a portion of proceeds to research, education or support associated with important non-profit public health agencies and organizations. Imported. Check Price at :
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2016.06.26 22:40 King_Rajesh Offseason Review Series: Day 20: The Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks – 41st Season, Seventh under Pete Carroll, Fifth under Russell Wilson

Division: NFC West 2015 Record: 10-6

Coaching Changes

The Seattle Seahawks retain a majority of their coaches from the 2015 campaign. Pete Carroll still has the helm of the ship, with Kris Richard and Darrell Bevell as Defensive and Offensive Coordinators, respectfully. While Darrell Bevell has been the only Offensive Coordinator during the Russell Wilson era, Kris Richard is the third Defensive Coordinator for the Seahawks Defense. In that span, the Seahawks have had the #1 scoring defense for four straight years. Kris Richard looks to keep that record going for Russell Wilson’s fifth NFL campaign.
What has always been interesting for me in terms of the Seahawks coaching is the new (in 2015) position granted to Rocky Seto (Assistant Head Coach and “Defense” Coach), who retains his position in 2016. While Tom Cable is also an assistant head coach and serves as the offensive line coach, Rocky Seto’s promotion in 2015 created an interesting position for his interesting story. Rocky Seto, after walking on at USC and serving as a LB, mostly on the scout team, graduated and then came back to the program with Pete Carroll, joining him at USC as a volunteer graduate assistant in 2001. Working his way up the ladder under Pete’s regime, Seto was promoted multiple times, finally serving as Pete’s defensive coordinator in 2009, before Pete was hired by the Seattle Seahawks in 2010. In the Russell Wilson Era, Seto served as the “Defensive Passing Game Coordinator” where he brought a unique style of teaching for the Legion of Boom and the LB corps – focusing his efforts on teaching defensive players how to be more aggressive in attacking the ball. To Carroll, Seto is his “keeper of the records” and—due to the fact that Seto has been with Pete for sixteen years now—is an integral part of everything Pete wants to do on Defense.
There were a couple minor changes to the Seahawks coaching staff. The coaching room for the Legion of Boom was restructured:
2015 Coaching Staff 2016 Coaching Staff
Assistant Secondary/Cornerbacks – Chris Cash Defensive Backs – Andre Curtis
Assistant Secondary/Safeties – Andre Curtis Assistant Defensive Backs – Ricky Manning Jr.
Quality Control/Defense – John Glenn Defensive Assistant – John Glenn
In addition, Will Harriger, the 2015 Offensive Assistant, is now the Assistant Quarterbacks coach.

Free Agency (Players Lost or Cut)

Player Position New Team
Alvin Bailey OG/OT Cleveland Browns
Bruce Irvin LB/EDGE Oakland Raiders
Brandon Mebane DT San Diego Chargers
Russell Okung OT Denver Broncos
J. R. Sweezy OG Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • G/T Alvin Bailey lost to Cleveland Browns: A swing player on the offensive line who could play four positions on the offensive line, Bailey was the heir apparent to the LG position in 2015. However, after showing up to camp at 350 pounds, Pete and John decided they couldn’t trust him, which probably led to him not being signed. In terms of loss, he was replaceable.
  • Bruce Irvin lost to Oakland Raiders: A talented player that we just couldn’t afford, Irvin was a freak of nature, with crazy speed off the edge, power, and the surprising ability to cover and generate interceptions. I have always thought that we should have used Irvin more like Von Miller, but Pete and company rarely gave him the change to get after the QB. That should change in Oakland, where teams scheming to stop Khalil Mack will leave themselves open for Irvin to get after the QB. Plus, Irvin seemed to have Aaron Rodgers’ number, which is key for any team trying to win championships. He’s relatively irreplaceable for the Seahawks, who will probably have to replace him with two players.
  • Brandon Mebane to the Chargers: Pete Carroll has said that Mebane was one of his “ideal” DTs, but rising costs and old age prompted the Seahawks to look elsewhere to stop the run. Mebane probably still has some gas in the tank, but good teams let players walk early (See New England Patriots). The Seahawks should be fine.
  • Russell Okung to the Broncos: One of the themes that Pete has tried to preach in recent years is consistency. Okung was not a consistent player. The first draft pick of the Pete and John regime, Okung was supposed to be the heir apparent to Walter Jones, anchoring the LT position for another decade, but injuries and mental mistakes kept that from occurring. Okung was a pro-bowl caliber player when he was 100% healthy, but he rarely was. Also worth noting, he got worked over in the offseason by John Elway because he didn’t have an agent. While it might all still work out for him if he does play every game and gets his 10m salary, we will have to see. In terms of replacement, he is replaced by the 2015 RT now turned 2016 LT, Garry Gilliam.
  • J.R. Sweezy to the Bucs: Jimmy Kimmel’s favorite joke target, it ain’t easy being Sweezy, the first of many DT to O-line conversion projects for Tom Cable. While his loss might be manageable, the collective O-line losses might not be, as discussed below.

Free Agency (Players Re-Signed)

Player Position
Marcus Burley CB
Cooper Helfet TE
Jermaine Kearse WR
Jeremy Lane CB
Patrick Lewis C
Christine Michael RB
Mike Morgan LB
Eric Pinkins LB
Ahtyba Rubin DT
Jon Ryan P
Mohammed Seisay CB
Deshawn Shead CB

Free Agency (New players signed)

Player Position Old Team
Jeff Fuller WR Calgary Stampeders (CFL)
Sealver Siliga DT New England Patriots
Bradley Sowell OT Arizona Cardinals
J’Marcus Webb OT Oakland Raiders
Chris Clemons DE Jacksonville Jaguars
Brandon Browner CB/S New Orleans Saints
Brandon Williams TE Miami Dolphins
Drew Ferris LS None
Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Saints
We also signed some other guys as camp bodies, but I wanted to only include the people who had a shot at making the team here.
  • Jeff Fuller (6’4”, 223 pounds) is a former WR for Texas A&M and the Calgary Stampeders. He was with the Calgary Stampeders when they won the 2014 Grey Cup (CFL Super Bowl). At Texas A&M, he broke the local all-time record for most touchdown catches in 2010. As such, he was considered a first round pick going into 2011, but a disasterous 2011 season plagued with drops and a poor showing at the senior bowl doomed his draft stock. In 2015, he caught 47 passes for 619 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games for the Stampeders. He has a hard road to climb to make the team at WR, but he is a possible practice squad candidate.
  • Sealver Siliga was signed from the New England Patriots. He wend undrafted in the 2011 draft, and bounced from the 49ers, Broncos, Seahawks before signing and sticking with the Patriots. The Seahawks actually traded John Moffit for him, before cutting Siliga a month later. Siliga will be competing to provide rotational run-stopping depth at the DT position, if he makes the team.
  • Bradley Sowell and J’Marcus Webb are signings to provide competition for the offensive line. While none of this is set in stone, Webb is currently penciled in as the RT while Sowell will provide the 6th O-line swing position that Alvin Bailey once played. Webb signed for two years and $6.25 million, with $2.35 million guaranteed, while Sowell is signed for only $1 milion. Both players have had inconsistent play, so Seahawks fans hope that Tom Cable can work some magic and rehabilitate these players.
  • Chris Clemons and Brandon Browner return to the Seahawks after stints with the Jaguars for Clemons and Patriots and Saints for Browner. Both will be looking to make the team in specialist roles. Browner will be playing a safety/big nickel hybrid, while Clemons will likely be brought on for third down specialty packages to get after the QB. Neither has any particular guarantees, and could be pushed by draft picks or UDFAs for a roster spot if they do not perform. However, Clemons and Browner’s signings are asymptomatic of a culture change that Pete and John have both talked about—trying to get back to being the bully—which is discussed in more detail below.
  • Drew Ferris is a long snapper. In high school, he played DE, OT, and MLB in addition to long snapping. He replaces Clint Gresham, who had some poor snaps in 2015 and was getting to be expensive. As Ferris is the only LS on the roster, he will probably make the team.
  • Brandon Williams was seen by many to be a camp body signing, but Pete has raved about him unprovoked during OTAs and Minicamps, which means that he is doing something right. He might have a shot at making the team as a 3rd TE if Jimmy Graham has to start on the PUP.

Draft + Grades + UDFAs

Draft Analysis
The 2016 Seahawks draft can be summed up by three words: Bigger, Tougher, Stronger. John Schneider has said that he wants to “build a bully” and he tried to do so through the draft, and through the UDFA recruitment period. The Seahawks want to counteract the passing game developments in the NFL by going back in time, to a time where football was more smash-mouth. While the Seahawks have drafted based on SPARQ in the past, their draft this year was focused on re-developing the core of what they want to do – run the ball, stop the run, force opposing players into bad decisions, and protect the ball. Keep this in mind when reviewing the draft.
Round 1, Pick 31: Germaine Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M
The Seahawks could not afford to avoid addressing the offensive line, especially when their top 2 players on their already poor offensive line left in free agency. With their first pick, after a trade with the Broncos for an additional third round pick, the Seahawks did what everyone wanted them to do, and drafted an offensive lineman. Ifedi was one of the most explosive offensive linemen available in the draft, and is long, tall, and athletic – traits that Tom Cable can use to mold him into a franchise player.
In terms of scouting, Ifedi is built like a brute, but moves like a boxer – with great footwork, strength in his blocks and surprising speed on the kick-slide. He is slated to start at Guard, but will be molded into a Tackle over time once he is seasoned enough. This is an easy A grade from me, as the Seahawks were able to get the player they coveted and got an additional day 2 pick as well.
Round 2, Pick 49: Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama
The Seahawks had a first round grade on Jarran Reed, but when he started to slip down the boards in round 2, the Seahawks traded up to get him. Viewed mostly as a two-down player, excellent at stopping the run with his speed, size and athleticism, teams did not see him on tape contributing to rushing the passer. With the advent of the three-down run stuffing and pass rushing DT (see, e.g., Aaron Donald, Kawann Short, Fletcher Cox), a DT that did not penetrate the pocket by himself was seen as less valuable in the 2016 draft. The Seahawks capitalized on the opportunity and secured Reed for themselves. However, the Seahawks believe that they can develop Reed into a player that can play all three downs, disrupt the pocket, and generate some sacks after some development, and hope that Reed can absorb blocks and free up others to get home from day 1, while they develop him. Jarran Reed should start immediately as part of a rotation, receiving 50-65% of the defensive snaps like Brandon Mebane. This is another easy A from me.
Round 3, Pick 90: CJ Prosise, RB, Notre Dame
To replace Marshawn Lynch, apparently you need all of the running backs that you can handle – as the Seahawks drafted 3, and brought in two more over the course of the offseason. The battle to back-up Rawls is going to be one of the most interesting of the Seahawks training camp. However, C.J. Prosise already looks to have a defined role, as the preferred third down back who can catch the ball out of the backfield in the flat or on a wheel route, provide a hot route checkdown against a blitz (something that Marshawn Lynch wasn't great at), and delay a free rusher enough for Russell Wilson to complete a deep pass downfield. Prosise, a former WR for Notre Dame, has breakaway speed, surprisingly crisp routes, and incredible hands, which should help Russell Wilson when he’s frantically being chased by opposing defensive monsters. Further, look for Prosise on the HB Draw to make many defenders pay for over-committing to attacking Russell Wilson. On the two minute drill, expect Prosise to feature heavily. I’ll give this pick an A-.
Round 3, Pick 94: Nick Vannett, TE, Ohio State
While it might seem evident that a TE would have to be drafted to hedge against Jimmy Graham being healthy, Vannett is not the same type of TE as Jimmy Graham. While Jimmy is essentially an elite over-sized pass catcher, Vannett has true in-line blocking skills, and was a huge part of Ezekiel Elliot’s success at Ohio State. Vannett should help shore up an O-line that will probably be, at best, inconsistent to start the 2016 season. When Jimmy returns, the fact that Vannett can block means that Graham is freed up and can do what he does best in catching the ball. As this was the bonus pick from Seattle’s trade down with Denver in Round 1, this is an A grade.
Round 3, Pick 97: Rees Odhiambo, OG/OT, Boise State
Rees Odhiambo is an peculiar pick, and not one that many of us saw coming. Rob Staton, writer for Seahawks Draft Blog, created a formula that essentially tried to measure what the Seahawks were looking for in terms of offensive linemen – he called it Trench Explosion Formula, or TEF. While Ifedi was ranked very high using this formula (third behind Connor McGovern and Jason Spriggs), Rees was nowhere close to the top of the list… or even the middle. Rees also has a history of injuries, but when you look at the tape, you can see why the Seahawks are taking a chance with him, as his footwork and measurable are all great. John Schneider said that he thought that Rees Odhiambo’s injuries were more due to bad luck than being injury prone, so that’s why they drafted him. I’ll give this pick a C.
Round 5, Pick 147: Quinton Jefferson, DT, Maryland
Jefferson is more along the lines of a Michael Bennett type of DT, being able to work the inside of the line perhaps the edge on rushing downs. Many of us expected us to look at earlier prospects (e.g., Jonathan Bullard) to fill this role, but we waited and this was our guy. I didn’t watch any tape of him as there wasn’t any on Draft Breakdown before the draft, but from what I’ve read, the Seahawks see him as another DT to add to the rotation on passing downs (perhaps subbing out Reed) and providing a hedge against Jordan Hill injuring himself again. In terms of a grade, I’ll give this a B, as the Seahawks won’t really need him to contribute much outside of pass rushing from the DT position in his rookie year, which means that he can focus on that one thing and not let the NFL game get too big for him.
Round 5, Pick 171: Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas
Alex Collins, before the combine, looked like every inch a future-Seahawk. From the way he ran—physical, finishing runs in bounds by running over people, running through contact, and pushing the pile when necessary—to the way he looked with his dreadlocks flowing out of his helmet, the Arkansas product evoked images of Marshawn Lynch. But then the combine happened, and his performance was disappointing, and many thought the Seahawks would not be interested. However, it seems the Seahawks cared more about his production, and were not worried about the slow 40 time and low vertical jump – perhaps he was sick or had an injury that we were not privy to. In the grand scheme of things, this is the guy who will be pushing Christine Michael for a roster spot, as Collins was the heart and soul of the Arkansas offense: teams game-planned to stop him, and rarely anyone could. This is a clear B for me.
Round 6, Pick 215: Joey Hunt, C, TCU
“I don’t know if Pete and I would’ve been able to leave the building if we didn’t come away with Joey.” – John Schneider
Why would the Seahawks say this about an “undersized” center? Nobody knows, as it runs counter to what the Seahawks have shown about their draft tendencies. Center was definitely a need, and as Hunt’s main competition (failed OT and OG Justin Britt) has never played center before in the NFL while Hunt had three years at center at TCU, perhaps the Seahawks wanted some experience to compete with Britt's size. I think we all hope that Hunt can beat out Justin Britt and lock down the center position for the foreseeable future. I give this pick a C, as you can’t coach up size and toughness and the Seahawks play in a very physical division, but I am intrigued by Hunt, and will see if he can win the job. If he can win the job, he is in for a baptism by fire, as his first task will be to block Suh. Yikes.
Round 7, Pick 243: Kenny Lawler, WR, Cal
Pete Carroll loves having a big bodied possession style WR, but has been unable to find one since Sidney Rice helped put Russell Wilson on the map in 2012 and then retired in 2013. Kenny Lawler might be able to provide that role for the Seahawks, as he caught 13 TDs last year, and has monstrously sized hands of glue. Lawler will be in a huge battle to make the team as one of two open WR spots, but should he make the team, I would anticipate that he would get his red-zone opportunities in the 2016 season. I’ll give this pick a B.
Round 7, Pick 247: Zac Brooks, Clemson
Zac Brooks had an amazing pro-day (4.32 in the 40, 36" inch vertical, 10' 9" in the broad jump, 18 reps of 225 on the bench, 4.38 in the 20 yard shuttle, 11.32 in the 60 yard shuttle, and 6.99 to 7.11 in the three-cone drill), but fell this far because he was a marginal player without a defined role at Clemson. I think the Seahawks are interested in him, as they had him visit the VMAC. Brooks is probably destined for the practice squad, but who knows—maybe he’ll force Seattle to carry 4 RBs? Maybe he can contribute as a kick returner or gunner on special teams? In any event, I like the fact that the Seahawks gave this guy a shot based on his measurables and grit alone, as that's what I'd rather have a team do with seventh rounders - take risks. I’ll give this pick a B.
Undrafted Free Agents
Player Position College Team
Trevone Boykin QB TCU
Brandin Bryant FB/DT Florida Atlantic
DeAndre Elliot CB Colorado State
Tre Madden RB USC
Montese Overton DE East Carolina
David Perkins DE Illinois State
Tyvis Powell S Ohio State
Taniela Tupou FB Washington

Offseason News

  • Pete and John’s Contract Year: Many Seahawks fans probably do not want to hear this, but Pete and John are only under contract for the 2016 season. While many expect that both will be resigned with a heavy upgrade in benefits and salary, it is slightly worrying that extensions have not yet been announced for either. With Tom Coughlin gone, Pete is now the oldest coach in the league at 64.
  • Doug Baldwin’s Contract Extension: Doug Baldwin is also going into the last year on his deal, and coming off of a career year, he’s looking to secure an extension. One has not been secured, and according to various media reports, the sides have not seriously talked. I’d expect to see more on this before training camp. However, waiting might not be in the best interest of the team, as many WRs are signing deals in the 8-10 million range, which might drive up the price for Doug Baldwin.
  • Michael Bennett’s Contract Extension: Michael Bennett signed a four year deal in 2014, but has vocally complained about the deal that he signed, especially when compared to how D-line salaries have rapidly increased in 2015 and 2016. With two years left on his contract, it is possible that Michael Bennett could be extended this year, but as touching a contract with multiple years left led to Kam Chancellor holding out in 2015, I honestly wouldn’t do it. Bennett is worth more money, but he has to wait one more year before getting another big payday.
  • The Specter of Marshawn Lynch: Will the loss of Marshawn Lynch as a personality hurt the Seattle Seahawks? It is possible, as Marshawn’s runs had a peculiar effect on his teammates, energizing them to play harder and faster. Will Rawls and company be able to generate the same spark? Could the loss of Marshawn Lynch be a net positive for the offense, as Russell Wilson will be able to assume command and dictate what he wants to do? It is known that Marshawn Lynch could be insubordinate when he didn’t get the ball, famously giving the Seahawks sideline the middle finger when a pass was called in a goal-line situation against the Cardinals in 2013.
  • The Legion of Boom is Healthy: In the 2015 off-season, all three of the All-Pro members of the Legion of Boom had some sort of ailment that they were rehabbing: Earl Thomas with his shoulder, Kam Chancellor’s knee, and Richard Sherman’s elbow. In addition, Jeremy Lane was still rehabbing from his ACL tear and broken arm from Super Bowl 49. This offseason, all of the members of the Legion are healthy and hungry. There are no signs of any hold-outs from Kam Chancellor, which should solve many of the TE communication errors that plagued this team early in the 2015 season.
  • Will Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls be Healthy?: Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls are currently “on track” for Week 1, but how far into training camp will it take for both to return? Jimmy Graham is currently ahead of Thomas Rawls in terms of rehab, which is a little concerning considering his was the more serious injury, but Pete and John are not going to rush either back. If both are able to secure serious time in training camp, look out.
  • Tonal and Attitude Shifts, Part 1: The Seahawks are back to perceiving themselves as the challenger. After two offseason’s where they won a championship and then had to defend it, and then lost a championship in the worst way and had to recover from that brutal loss both physically and emotionally, an “early” playoff loss to the Panthers seems to have sent a message to the Seahawks that they were not the top of the NFC, and got them to want to get back to that level. Many players and coaches have said that this offseason feels like the 2012 offseason after the loss to the Falcons, where they were disappointed, but hungry to get back out there and dominate the league. In any event, the Seahawks no longer have to carry the burden of being the team with the target on their backs, so perhaps they will be able to get back to playing the style of football that got them a championship.
  • Tonal and Attitude Shifts, Part 2: The Seahawks are trying to get back to being the bully. The 2013 Seahawks were, to paraphrase one of my favorite movies from that year, Pacific Rim, something that you just couldn’t fight, like a hurricane. The League saw them coming, but had to get out of the way. Those that stayed in the path of the storm were smashed to bits. Unfortunately, they lost that strength due to a number of factors. But like a hurricane that crashes against Florida, loses steam over land, but rapidly intensifies in the Gulf of Mexico for another go, the Seahawks are trying to recapture that prior magic by rebuilding themselves with bigger, stronger, faster, tougher, and more physical players
  • The Return of Depth: The Seahawks in recent years have been ravaged by their loss of depth. I can’t find the citation, but out of the 90 players the Seahawks had in 2013, something crazy like 80+ players were paid in the NFL that year. The Seahawks were cutting players that were starters on other teams. However, in 2014 and in 2015, that depth was severely cut into—for example, after injuries took out Rawls and Lynch, the Seahawks were forced to turn to Bryce Brown and Dujuan Harris, two street-tier free agents, to start. Both Pete and John have expressed that the depth seems to be back, and that roster cuts this year will lead to many promising players getting snatched up by other teams.
  • The Offensive Line, Reshuffled Again: For a team that has never had under 10 wins under Russell Wilson, won 73% of their games over the last 3 seasons, and have an offensive line guru on their coaching staff, the Seahawks have had an incredibly hard time fielding an offensive line unit. The projected lineup of Gilliam, Glowinski, Britt, Ifedi, and Webb are all new to the positions they would be playing, and only two return from the starting line up the year prior.

Projected 53-man Roster

  • QB (2): Russell Wilson, Trevone Boykin
  • RB (3): Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise, Alex Collins
  • FB (1): Brandon Cottom
  • WR (6): Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jermaine Kearse, Paul Richardson, Kasen Williams, Kenny Lawler
  • TE (3): Jimmy Graham, Luke Willson, Nick Vannett
  • O-Line (9): Garry Gilliam, Mark Glowinski, Justin Britt, Germain Ifedi, J’Marcus Webb, Joey Hunt, Bradley Sowell, Terry Poole, Rees Odhiambo
  • D-Line (9): Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Jarran Reed, Ahtyba Rubin, Frank Clark, Quinton Jefferson, Jordan Hill, Chris Clemons, Ryan Robinson
  • LB (6): Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Mike Morgan, Cassius Marsh, Kevin Pierre-Lewis, Eric Pinkins
  • CB (6): Richard Sherman, Jeremy Lane, Marcus Burley, Tye Smith, Tharold Simon, DeShawn Shead
  • S (5): Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Steven Terrell, Brandon Browner, Tyvis Powell
  • Specialists (3): Jon Ryan, Steven Hauschka, Drew Ferris

Position Group Strengths and Weaknesses

  • QB: Strength – what is there to say about Russell Wilson, who showed during the second half of the 2015 season that he can produce at an MVP-quality rate? After a season where he passed for more than 4000 yards, had 34 TDs, only had 8 interceptions, lead the league in passer rating, and shattered Seahawks franchise records, Russell Wilson’s fifth campaign looks to maintain and surpass 2015. Behind him, the likely backup is Trevone Boykin, a 2016 UDFA from TCU. At TCU, Boykin had 830 of 1,356 completions with 86 TDs and 37 INTs. He also rushed for 2,049 yards and 27 TDs. While Trevone is a work in progress, he did show some Russell Wilson-esque magic at TCU. Only time will tell if he is as apt as former backup QB Tarvaris Jackson at winning the coin-toss.
  • RB: Debatable, but could be strength. If Rawls is healthy to start the season, with C.J. Prosise, Alex Collins and Christine Michael all battling for spots and carries, this could be one of the most dynamic RB corps the Seahawks have ever fielded. It cannot be denied that Marshawn Lynch will be missed by his teammates and fans, but Rawls averaged 5.6 YPC, and provides the home-run hitting ability that Marshawn Lynch had lost to father time. However, even if Rawls is healthy, the Seahawks will be fielding a very untested and inexperienced crew at RB, which is why this is only a push as of right now.
  • WR: Strength. If Baldwin proves last year is not an aberration, Lockett takes another step, and Richardson stays healthy and has his speed to serve as a deep threat, this could be one of the most dangerous WR corps the Seahawks have ever fielded. Coming off a career year for Baldwin, whose 1k yards and 14 TDs finally killed the “pedestrian” moniker for good, the Seahawks should be well placed to produce at a even higher level.
  • TE: Debatable. If Jimmy Graham is not healthy, a TE corps of Nick Vannett, Luke Willson, and someone like Brandon Williams or Cooper Helfet might even be considered a weakness, but the fact that Jimmy Graham is ahead of schedule and should even be ready for much of training camp is a good sign. Hopefully with some better chemistry between Graham and Wilson, Graham can produce at a Pro-Bowl level again.
  • Offensive Line: Weakness. For a team trying to contend for a championship, the fact that their offensive line has ZERO returning players at the positions they played the prior year should be concerning. The fact that the two best players on that line both walked in free agency should be worrying. The fact that the two returning players (Britt and Gilliam) will be playing positions they’ve never played before in the NFL is staggering. While this could all turn out to be a lot of worrying for nothing, the fact that the offensive line has been reshuffled again does not bode well for the protection of Russell Wilson.
  • Defensive Line: Strength. With Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, and Frank Clark all providing pass rush, and Jarran Reed and Ahtyba Rubin stopping the run, along with rotational and depth players like Quinton Jefferson, Jordan Hill, and Chris Clemons contributing, the Seahawks should be able to stop the run and pin their ears back and get after the QBs on their schedule like they did in 2013.
  • Linebackers: Strength. While Bruce Irvin is gone, Pro-Bowl caliber players Bobby Wagner and K. J. Wright both return. The SAM position is currently not filled, but could possibly be filled by committee, with a run-stuffing LB being subbed out for a rush LB or a coverage LB. In addition, the SAM position could be less emphasized in an attempt to get Brandon Browner on the field in a hybrid position, provided he makes the team.
  • Secondary: Strength. After the 2015 off-season where Kam, Earl and Sherman were all injured and Kam held out, and the season where all three had down years, communication errors, and didn’t bring the boom as much as before, all three look to be healthy and hungry coming into 2016. Furthermore, instead of Cary Williams being given the starting CB role in 2015, Jeremy Lane will be in the fight of his career to start at CB, being pushed by Deshawn Shead, Tye Smith, and Tharold Simon. Pete will have the ability to mix and match personnel for the threats posed by the opposing team, which should allow Kam and Earl to play more aggressive.
  • Special Teams: Strength. With the All-Pro punt and kick returner returning in Tyler Lockett coupled with John Ryan and Steven Hauschka, Special Teams should continue to be a strength.
The Seattle Seahawks Offseason Review is continued in two posts, below.
Schedule Review
Training Camp Battles; Offseason and Defensive Schemes
I'd like to give a shout-out to /Seahawks for being awesome, /NFL_Draft for hosting some of the best draft conversations, skepticismissurvival for hosting this thing, and all of you for reading it.
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2016.02.12 13:12 ChuvelxD [God Concept] Ebisu, the Fisherman God

Ebisu, the Fisherman God.

Ebisu is the Japanese Fisherman god. The weak child overcame many hardships, grew legs (and, presumably, the rest of his skeletal structure) at the age of three, and became the god Ebisu.[citation needed] He remains slightly crippled and deaf, but mirthful and auspicious nonetheless (hence the title, "The laughing god"). He is often depicted wearing a tall hat—the Kazaori Eboshi (風折烏帽子?)—holding a rod and a large red sea bream or sea bass. Jellyfish are also associated with the god and the fugu restaurants of Japan will often incorporate Ebisu in their motif.

Main Meta:

Controller Warrior

Ebisu is a medium damage, high-control god. He has a pull, a root, and a stun. While that sounds very powerful, his tactics are not in pure damage, but are rather in controlling how the fight is going. He's a quite tanky to stay in in the fight longer with protections and a heal up to a maximum of 25% of total health.. I assume the most popular setup will be penetration and cool down.


Morning Catch (Passive)
Ability: Buff Affects: Self Each time Ebisu Hooks or Lures an enemy, a catch is made. Ebisu can consume these catches when using Strengthen Bones. - Max number of stored catches: 5
Ability: Line Affects: Enemy Damage: Physical Ebisu casts his line forward, dealing damage. If he connect with an enemy god, the god is pulled towards Ebisu and provides a bleed per 0.5s. Enemies are silenced for the duration of the pull. - Pull duration: 1/1.3/1.5/1.7/2s - Damage per Tick: 10/20/40/50/80 (+10% of your physical power) - Damage Duration: 2s
Ability: Cone Affects: Enemy Damage: Physical Ebisu slaps enemy gods with the tail of a red snapper doing damage in a cone. - Damage: 80/115/150/185/220 (+60% of physical power)
Strengthen Bones
Ability: Buff Affects: Self As Ebisu levels, his bones strengthen granting a percentage buff to his item protections. - Buff Percent: 5%/7%/10%/12%/15% - Healing per catch: 5% of total health
Lure (Ultimate)
Ability: Area Affects: Enemy Damage: Physical Radius: 35 Ebisu casts a lure making opponents drawn to the center. Enemies within the area take damage every .25s. Enemies who touch the lure in the center are stunned. - Lure Duration: 2s - Stun Duration: 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8s - Damage per Tick: 30/35/40/45/50

Skin Ideas

T2 - Deep Sea Ebisu (recolor) T2 - Red Snapper Ebisu (recolor) T3 - Shinobi Ebisu (Fishing hook turns into a Kusari-gama, flail turns into a fan.
Here are additional pictures: Ebisu Ebisu 2 Ebisu 3
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Whole Red Snapper - YouTube 57 Miles offshore of Sarasota. First Red Snapper Season Run in the SeaVee! A Minute With Red Snapper How To Tie DropShot Rig -كيفية ربط إسقاط عقدة جهاز الحفر ... FISHING for RED SNAPPER on the west coast of FLORIDA part ... Red Snapper Secret Weapon [BEST BAIT] - YouTube Caribbean Baked Red Snapper  Taste of Trini - YouTube hOW TO MAKe The BeST OVen GRILLeD ReD SNAPPeR - YouTube SNAPPER Fishing - YouTube Catching RED SNAPPER in Florida ! - YouTube

LEVA FRI - Resan till enkelhet: Till synes förmögen

  1. Whole Red Snapper - YouTube
  2. 57 Miles offshore of Sarasota. First Red Snapper Season Run in the SeaVee!
  3. A Minute With Red Snapper
  4. How To Tie DropShot Rig -كيفية ربط إسقاط عقدة جهاز الحفر ...
  5. FISHING for RED SNAPPER on the west coast of FLORIDA part ...
  6. Red Snapper Secret Weapon [BEST BAIT] - YouTube
  7. Caribbean Baked Red Snapper Taste of Trini - YouTube
  8. hOW TO MAKe The BeST OVen GRILLeD ReD SNAPPeR - YouTube
  9. SNAPPER Fishing - YouTube
  10. Catching RED SNAPPER in Florida ! - YouTube

Female angler ' Fishing with Luiza' having fun in the sun catching red snapper in Florida! _____ Like the video? Please subscri... We caught our limit of Red Snapper in two stops and even found some new area with huge Mangrove Snappers. 8 people aboard the SeaVee made for a fun day of laughs and a lot of great fishing. Red Snapper is a sweet, moist fish that doesn't need a lot to make it taste good. This Caribbean Baked Red Snapper is massaged with fresh green seasonings, a... Part 2 of our Red Snapper offshore fishing trip! Non stop action! _____ Like the video? Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for mor... Fishing experience How To Tie DropShot Rig - Thẻo Câu Đáy - كيفية ربط إسقاط عقدة جهاز الحفر - Cómo atar una plataforma de tiro con caída Having a blast in one of my favorite places, the Florida Keys, catching big mangroves and yellowtail snapper! Hope you enjoy it ! _____... Red snapper season has grown men waking up like giddy little boys on Christmas, so excited to get out on the water they don’t even need coffee. And in light ... SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: Ingredients: 1 large red snapper scaled and guttered 1/4 cup olive oil 3 thin sl... FULL MATCH - Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE Title Contract: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 - Duration: 32:36. WWE Recommended for you. New Ψάρι ψητό Get this recipe and more on my website: Recipe: Serves 3-4: 1 (2-2 ¼ lb.) red s...